Monkey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wu Cheng'en
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Chapter 1-5

• A rock is worked upon by heaven and earth and gives birth to the Stone Monkey.

• The Stone Monkey lives with the other monkey's in a forest until one day they decide to find the mountain where the spring comes from.

• The Monkeys arrive at a waterfall. They decide the monkey who is brave enough to go through the waterfall will become their king.
• The Stone Monkey walks through the waterfall where he finds a sign that says the land is blessed and leads to heaven.

• The monkeys go to live on the blessed land and the Stone Monkey becomes their king.
• Monkey decides to leave his brethren in search of immortality and religion.

• Monkey meets an in immortal called Patriach Subodhi. He teaches Monkey how to live a long life, but has to banish Monkey when he abuses his new found powers.
• Monkey returns home...

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