Money: A Suicide Note Character Descriptions

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John Self

This character is the director of a film and an ad man.

Selina Street

This character is a beautiful woman who is afraid of men being tough and raping her.

Fielding Goodney/Frank the Phone

This character is the moneyman for the film that is being produced.

Martina Twain

This character is cheated on by her husband and catches her new boyfriend in bed with another woman.

Caduta Massi

This character is an actress who wants children but can't have them.

Alec Llewellyn

This character is a friend of the protagonist who is in prison.

Lorne Guyland

This character is an actor who fears getting older.

Butch Beausoleil

This character is an actress who plays the mistress in the film.

Spunk Davis

This character plays the role of the son in the protagonist's film.


This character is a black bellhop.

Doris Arthur

This character is...

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