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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did George force Virginia to participate in balls and banquets?
(a) He was too shy to go alone.
(b) He wanted her to be successful.
(c) He thought she needed better priorities.
(d) He was never invited by himself.

2. What was the name of the vacation house?
(a) Tallouth Lodge.
(b) Talmott's Point.
(c) Talland House.
(d) Talmond's Place.

3. What color dress did Virginia have on before her strange event with George?
(a) White.
(b) Black.
(c) Red.
(d) Pink.

4. What made Thoby very proud in his life?
(a) His education.
(b) His siblings.
(c) His writings.
(d) His father.

5. Who worked the hardest to console Leslie after Julia's death?
(a) Victoria.
(b) Stella.
(c) Vanessa.
(d) Virginia.

6. What era of thinking did Virginia and Vanessa both belong in?
(a) Enlightening.
(b) Victorian.
(c) Edwardian.
(d) Industrial.

7. What kind of events did Virginia and Vanessa host?
(a) Luncheons.
(b) Balls.
(c) Lectures.
(d) Readings.

8. How did Jack describe his mother?
(a) Jolly.
(b) Severe.
(c) Repressive.
(d) Amorous.

9. When listing the main attributes in the house of men, which one pertained to Thoby?
(a) Hardworking.
(b) Busy.
(c) Opinionated.
(d) Volatile.

10. How does Virginia describe her brother, Thoby?
(a) Educated, but not bright.
(b) Spiritual, but not pious.
(c) Kind, but not generous.
(d) Clever, but not intellectual.

11. What gave Virginia a heightened sense of importance?
(a) Her talents.
(b) Her education.
(c) Her many trials.
(d) Her brother's praise.

12. What style were the people in the Memoir Club supposed to write in?
(a) Wholesome.
(b) Imaginative.
(c) Descriptive.
(d) Frank and honest.

13. What color did the family wear after Julia's death?
(a) Black.
(b) White.
(c) Brown.
(d) Blue.

14. When listing the main attributes in the house of men, which one pertained to George?
(a) Opinionated.
(b) Volatile.
(c) Hardworking.
(d) Busy.

15. When did Virginia belong to the Memoir Club?
(a) In the 1910's.
(b) In the 1930's.
(c) In the 1900's.
(d) In the 1920's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Leslie go when the boys left the house for the day?

2. Who was hesitant to purchase the vacation house?

3. What did George see as a sign of personal value?

4. What were the people in the Memoir Club supposed to write about?

5. How does Virginia describe Stella's beauty?

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