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London - This is where Virginia Woolf and her family lived all their lives.

Kensington Gardens - This is a large park through which Virginia and her family walked regularly and often.

22 Hyde Park Gate - This was the location of Virginia's childhood home, described as being small, crowded, dark, and uncomfortably laid out.

St. Ives - This is the small seaside fishing community where the Stephen family spent summer vacations.

Talland House - This is the lodging in a fishing community where Virginia and her family stayed.

The Leafless Tree - For Virginia, this came to symbolize the emotionally barren life there following Julia's death.

46 Gordon Square (Bloomsbury) - After Leslie's death, Virginia and her siblings moved into a new home here.

The Stain on Vanessa's Dress - This, Virginia suggests, brought down all the barriers to sexual conversation, at least between the members of...

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