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Editor's Note/Introduction

• This book is a compilation of writings that were not published during Virginia Woolf's life.

• Some critics were unhappy about this publication because most of the works were left unfinished.

• Seeing essays that were written on the same topic (childhood) from two different eras of her career show her growth as a writer.

• Most of Virginia Woolf's writings were based on real life events. She drew upon her life to create her semi-fictional works.

• The editor says gaining a better handle on her creative process could reveal a lot about how most artists, in any medium, work.

Reminiscences, Chapter 1

• Reminiscences was written early in Virginia's career as a daily exercise. She wrote it for her nephew, Julian.

• Virginia wrote about Vanessa, her sister, and praised her beauty, compassion, and diligence to become a painter.

• Virginia also wrote about her mother, who died when she was...

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