Moloka'i Short Essay - Answer Key

Alan Brennert
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1. What is Rachel interested in during her Sunday school lessons?

During her Sunday school lessons, Rachel is particularly interested in the geography related to the lessons. When she hears about Jesus walking on water, she asks which sea he walked on. Any time a location is mentioned in the Bible stories Rachel wants to know more about it geographically.

2. What is Rachel's father's job? What does he bring her when he returns home in Chapter 1?

Henry, Rachel's father, is a sailor. Rachel is fond of dolls from around the world. When Henry returns home in Chapter 1, he brings her a matroyshka doll.

3. Why is Rachel's school dismissed for the day in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, Rachel and the students at her school learn about the death of King Kalakuana. School gets dismissed for the rest of the day, and Rachel and her family go to pay their respects.

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