Moloka'i Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alan Brennert
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Part One-The Blue Vault of Heaven, Chapters 1 & 2

• The story begins in Honolulu in 1891. Rachel is five years old.

• Rachel has an interest in geography. Her father is a sailor, and she wants to see the world like he does.

• Rachel's family has a feast to welcome her father back from sea.

• King Kalakuana dies. The children have the day off school.

• Rachel does not understand death. She thinks of it as a temporary separation.

• Seeing her father off at the harbor, Rachel sees a ship called the Mokolii that is being boarded by lepers who are being taken away to Moloka'i.

• The health inspector, Nakamura, visits Uncle Pono's house and realizes Pono must be nearby. He finds him outside.

• Uncle Pono is confined at the Kalihi Receiving Station because he has leprosy.

• Dorothy discovers a blemish on Rachel's leg. With treatment the blemish goes away, but soon returns...

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