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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the sister tell her brother now recommends a woman to a gentleman?
(a) having a sponsor.
(b) nothing but money.
(c) being well educated.
(d) only exceptional looks.

2. What does the narrator say has been left out of the story?
(a) some of the duplicate parts.
(b) some of the most boring parts.
(c) some of the least colorful parts.
(d) some of the more vicious parts.

3. After her son is born, where does the gentleman arrange apartments for Moll?
(a) Kensington.
(b) Essex.
(c) Bristol.
(d) Hammersmith.

4. What does Moll say that women of her time had lost?
(a) the right to stay single.
(b) the right to say No.
(c) the right to forego having children.
(d) the right to become wives.

5. What happens to her draper husband?
(a) he escapes and goes to America.
(b) he is hanged in Newgate Prison.
(c) he is sent in servictude to Australia.
(d) he escapes jail and goes to France.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Moll looking for after the death of her first husband?

2. What does her tradesman turn out to be?

3. Why does the narrator say it is difficult to have a private biography taken seriously?

4. What spared Moll's mother's life when she was condemned to die?

5. How is the weather during Moll's trip back to England from Virginia?

Short Essay Questions

1. To Moll's chagrin, what does the older brother insist that she do?

2. After some repentance for their sleeping together, what do Moll and the gentleman do?

3. How does the novel begin?

4. How does the editor compare the novel to dramatic plays of the day?

5. What is the final payoff and the conditions to Moll to release the gentleman to whom she had been mistress?

6. As a child what does Moll want that amuses the Mayor's wife and her Nurse?

7. What does Moll know about her mother?

8. What does Moll learn about the Men who visit Bath during the summer season?

9. Under what condition does Moll arrive back in England.

10. How does the gentleman react when he learns of Moll's pregnancy?

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