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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Moll not to go to the older brother's wedding?
(a) she is not invited to the wedding.
(b) seeing another woman marry the man she loves.
(c) she has to look after her ten children.
(d) she is eight months pregnant.

2. What does Moll agree to do for the gentleman during his sickness?
(a) let him see her body.
(b) sleep in a chair by his bed.
(c) give him his dialy bath.
(d) sleep with him on condition of no touching.

3. What does the narrator insist that the characters must eventually become?
(a) hardened criminals.
(b) real people.
(c) penitent.
(d) destroyed.

4. What does Mill learn about her cargo from Virginia when she reaches London?
(a) the ship sank off the coast of Ireland.
(b) the ship lost most of its cargo.
(c) her cargo was seized by the government.
(d) the ship was captured by pirates.

5. How does the elder brother begin his chase of Moll?
(a) slipping into her room at night.
(b) buying her expensive gifts.
(c) flirting with her in front of his mother.
(d) talking about her to his sisters.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Moll talk about their next encounter?

2. What do the ladies of the town do for Moll?

3. What does the narrator insist is the value of the story?

4. How does Moll get one last £50 from her brother/husband in Virginia?

5. How does Moll propose to make her own living?

Short Essay Questions

1. Listening to her mother-in-law, what does Moll suddenly realize?

2. What happens when Moll is only 14-years-old?

3. How does Moll protest the older brother's suggestion?

4. How does the novel begin?

5. As the story opens, why does the writer not reveal her real name?

6. What apology does the editor make about the content of the book?

7. What is the purpose of the preface to Moll Flanders?

8. Under what condition does Moll arrive back in England.

9. As a child what does Moll want that amuses the Mayor's wife and her Nurse?

10. What does the editor claim about Moll's new life in the American colonies?

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