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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the banker say about himself and his wife?
(a) he is unhappy and she is living a high life.
(b) he is young and she is old.
(c) he is a cuckold and she is a whore.
(d) he is alone and she is in an asylum.

2. Who does the governess introduce Moll to who can help her learn the art of thieving?
(a) a professional pickpocket.
(b) a schoolmistress.
(c) a house robber.
(d) a magician.

3. Who does the landlady send for to assist Moll?
(a) a lawyer.
(b) a banker.
(c) a doctor.
(d) a midwife.

4. How does the banker say his wife is a whore?
(a) as mentally uncapable of resisting.
(b) as a madwoman obsessed with sex.
(c) as a victim of incest.
(d) not by necessity but by inclination.

5. Before they depart for Ireland, what does Moll's new husband ask her?
(a) if she wants a large family.
(b) if she has affairs to finish in London.
(c) if she has brought any money with her.
(d) if she will wait for him in West chester.

6. What does Moll admit to the lady who comes to help her?
(a) that she does not want the child.
(b) that she has a husband.
(c) that she has a lot of money.
(d) that she is not married.

7. Who does Moll meet to help her with her money?
(a) a doctor.
(b) a merchant.
(c) a solicitor.
(d) a banker.

8. What does she say he is probably most worried about now?
(a) that Moll will find him again.
(b) that someone saw what actually happened.
(c) that his wife will believe his story.
(d) that he might have the pox.

9. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?
(a) it is sold back to the people it was stolen from.
(b) it is sold to collectors.
(c) it is smuggled to France.
(d) it is melted down.

10. How does Moll steal two rings she sees through a house window?
(a) she raises the window and takes the rings.
(b) she breaks the glass and takes the rings.
(c) she sends a child inside to get the rings.
(d) she enters the house and takes the rings.

11. What does Mrs. B do with unwanted children?
(a) pays to have them taken away.
(b) smothers them at birth.
(c) throws them into the river.
(d) sells them to gypsies.

12. Who does Moll say put evil ideas into her head?
(a) the devil.
(b) her highwayman husband.
(c) her governess.
(d) the police.

13. What reception does Moll get from the inmates at Newgate?
(a) they ignored her.
(b) they all wanted to meet her.
(c) they gloated over her capture.
(d) they sympathized with her.

14. What do Moll and her Lancashire husband discover about each other?
(a) they no longer love each other.
(b) they are both broke.
(c) they both have money.
(d) they know the same people.

15. What is Moll's first theft?
(a) a watch on the belt of an old lady.
(b) an unwatched parcel in an apothecary shop.
(c) the wallet of an old man asleep on a park bench.
(d) money left lying on a counter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tries to help Moll get released from Newgate?

2. Who does Moll get to visit in Newgate?

3. Why does Moll reproach herself after getting caught with the brocade silk?

4. What is the banker's house like?

5. Why does Moll say she continues to steal?

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