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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the governess manage for Moll's son?
(a) a shelter in a convent.
(b) a good nurse that is not very expenisve.
(c) a place in an orphanage.
(d) an adoption by a childless couple.

2. What hardens Moll's heart to become a professional thief?
(a) fear of going hungry.
(b) the joy of having a profession.
(c) the thrill of not getting caught.
(d) hoping to find her highwayman husband.

3. What does the banker promise Moll?
(a) not to talk more until he has a divorce.
(b) to help her triple her money.
(c) to pay her well for occasional sex.
(d) not to offer her money to be his mistress.

4. What does Moll learn about her banker?
(a) he has no money himself.
(b) he has a wife.
(c) he wants a mistress.
(d) he is a confirmed bachelor.

5. What does Mrs. B give to the parish officials?
(a) money to keep them quiet.
(b) information on the missing husbands.
(c) security that the women who come to her are married.
(d) weekly donations of food.

6. What does Moll say is worse than being in want?
(a) being friendless.
(b) being helpless.
(c) being in prison.
(d) being old.

7. What is Moll tempted to do that frightens her?
(a) she is tempted to look for more children to rob.
(b) she is tempted to murder the girl.
(c) she is tempted to turn herself in.
(d) she is tempted to steal the girl.

8. What is the banker's house like?
(a) large and well furnished.
(b) in need of a woman's touch.
(c) small and comfortable.
(d) large but without much furniture.

9. What is in the letter Moll receives after the baby is born?
(a) a bill for her banker's services.
(b) a newspaper clipping about her husband.
(c) a note from her husband.
(d) a request for a visit by her banker friend.

10. What effect does Moll's brushes with the law have on her activities?
(a) she becomes overconfident and continues her business.
(b) she becomes truly repentant and stops.
(c) she takes a year off so that her face will be forgotten.
(d) she starts working with a partner.

11. What is Moll's initial reaction to her new life of crime?
(a) fear of her governess.
(b) fear of getting hooked on crime.
(c) fear of Newgate.
(d) fear of God.

12. What happens to save Moll?
(a) she buys her way out of prison.
(b) she is sentenced to being transported instead of death.
(c) she manages a great escape from Newgate.
(d) she agrees to go to France and never return to England.

13. What happens to a woman caught with goods Moll had stolen?
(a) she has a heart attack and dies.
(b) she is taken to Newgate.
(c) she tells on Moll.
(d) she kicks a policeman.

14. After moving back with the governess, what work does Mill do?
(a) teaching school.
(b) needle work.
(c) house cleaning.
(d) baby sitting.

15. How does the banker say his wife is a whore?
(a) as mentally uncapable of resisting.
(b) not by necessity but by inclination.
(c) as a victim of incest.
(d) as a madwoman obsessed with sex.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do people suggest that Moll move out of St. John's Street?

2. Who does the landlady send for to assist Moll?

3. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?

4. How does Moll steal two rings she sees through a house window?

5. Why does Mrs. B not abort Moll's pregnancy?

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