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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to a woman caught with goods Moll had stolen?
(a) she is taken to Newgate.
(b) she tells on Moll.
(c) she has a heart attack and dies.
(d) she kicks a policeman.

2. What does the banker say about himself and his wife?
(a) he is unhappy and she is living a high life.
(b) he is alone and she is in an asylum.
(c) he is a cuckold and she is a whore.
(d) he is young and she is old.

3. How does Moll begin looking at the banker's house?
(a) as a place she likes to visit.
(b) as if she could improve on it.
(c) as a problem she must solve.
(d) as if it were her own.

4. How does Moll take advantage of the fop who took her to bed one evening?
(a) she gets him to fall asleep and takes everything he has.
(b) she charges him a large sum to keep quiet.
(c) she accuses him of raping her.
(d) she blackmails him.

5. How is Moll married to the Irishman?
(a) in a Roman Catholic ceremony.
(b) in a Druid ceremony.
(c) by a Magistrate.
(d) in the Church of England.

6. What happens when Moll's husband learns she is poor?
(a) he beats her.
(b) he gives her £1500.
(c) he deserts her.
(d) he laughs and says it is no important.

7. After moving back with the governess, what work does Mill do?
(a) needle work.
(b) teaching school.
(c) baby sitting.
(d) house cleaning.

8. What is the governess' new business?
(a) drug dealer.
(b) pawnbroker.
(c) tax collector.
(d) matchmaker.

9. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?
(a) it is sold to collectors.
(b) it is sold back to the people it was stolen from.
(c) it is smuggled to France.
(d) it is melted down.

10. What does Moll admit to the lady who comes to help her?
(a) that she has a husband.
(b) that she is not married.
(c) that she has a lot of money.
(d) that she does not want the child.

11. What does Moll learn about her banker?
(a) he has no money himself.
(b) he is a confirmed bachelor.
(c) he wants a mistress.
(d) he has a wife.

12. What happens to save Moll?
(a) she manages a great escape from Newgate.
(b) she buys her way out of prison.
(c) she is sentenced to being transported instead of death.
(d) she agrees to go to France and never return to England.

13. How does the banker say his wife is a whore?
(a) as a victim of incest.
(b) not by necessity but by inclination.
(c) as mentally uncapable of resisting.
(d) as a madwoman obsessed with sex.

14. What does Moll say the passing jade thinks of?
(a) a love of their own.
(b) not the man but the money.
(c) a chance to marry.
(d) having many babies.

15. What do Moll and her Lancashire husband discover about each other?
(a) they know the same people.
(b) they no longer love each other.
(c) they both have money.
(d) they are both broke.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the landlady send for to assist Moll?

2. What do Moll and Mrs. B work out?

3. Why does Mrs. B not abort Moll's pregnancy?

4. How does the governess get money from the baronet?

5. How does Mill say she came out of the charge of robbing the silversmith?

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