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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. B do with unwanted children?
(a) pays to have them taken away.
(b) smothers them at birth.
(c) sells them to gypsies.
(d) throws them into the river.

2. What happens when Moll's husband learns she is poor?
(a) he gives her £1500.
(b) he deserts her.
(c) he laughs and says it is no important.
(d) he beats her.

3. Why does Moll put off the banker who now has a divorce?
(a) she is not sure she wants to marry again.
(b) she wants to be sure he has the divorce.
(c) she has to divorce her husband.
(d) she is pregnant again.

4. What is the banker's house like?
(a) large but without much furniture.
(b) small and comfortable.
(c) large and well furnished.
(d) in need of a woman's touch.

5. What is Moll's initial reaction to her new life of crime?
(a) fear of getting hooked on crime.
(b) fear of Newgate.
(c) fear of God.
(d) fear of her governess.

6. Who does Moll meet to help her with her money?
(a) a doctor.
(b) a solicitor.
(c) a banker.
(d) a merchant.

7. What does Mrs. B say she does for the newborns?
(a) pays for their education.
(b) kills them humanely.
(c) saves their lives.
(d) finds them good homes.

8. What is Moll tempted to do that frightens her?
(a) she is tempted to turn herself in.
(b) she is tempted to murder the girl.
(c) she is tempted to steal the girl.
(d) she is tempted to look for more children to rob.

9. What happens to the governess to reduce her fortune?
(a) she is charged with stealing a child.
(b) she is disowned by the parish.
(c) she has spent time in Newgate.
(d) she has a long illness.

10. What do Moll and Mrs. B work out?
(a) a job for Moll to pay her expenses.
(b) a plan to find Moll's husband.
(c) a way to transport Moll to Ireland.
(d) a budget for Moll's expenses.

11. How does Moll steal two rings she sees through a house window?
(a) she breaks the glass and takes the rings.
(b) she enters the house and takes the rings.
(c) she sends a child inside to get the rings.
(d) she raises the window and takes the rings.

12. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?
(a) it is sold to collectors.
(b) it is melted down.
(c) it is sold back to the people it was stolen from.
(d) it is smuggled to France.

13. What do Moll and her Lancashire husband discover about each other?
(a) they are both broke.
(b) they know the same people.
(c) they both have money.
(d) they no longer love each other.

14. How old does she now admit to being?
(a) 39.
(b) 32.
(c) 42.
(d) 29.

15. How does the governess say the baronet explained his condition to his wife?
(a) he got drunk and was robbed.
(b) he lost everything at gambling.
(c) he was in a fire.
(d) he fell into the Thames.

Short Answer Questions

1. What hardens Moll's heart to become a professional thief?

2. After moving back with the governess, what work does Mill do?

3. Why do people suggest that Moll move out of St. John's Street?

4. How is Moll swept off her feet by an Irishman?

5. What happens at the Barnet Stage?

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