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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does she say he is probably most worried about now?
(a) that he might have the pox.
(b) that someone saw what actually happened.
(c) that Moll will find him again.
(d) that his wife will believe his story.

2. How much does Mrs. B say Moll's lying in will cost?
(a) £10.
(b) £50.3s.
(c) £3.5s.
(d) £5.3s.

3. What privilege do Moll and her husband get while anchored at Ireland?
(a) dining with the captain.
(b) staying on deck.
(c) sending letters to friends in England.
(d) going ashore to buy provisions.

4. When Moll is well enough to go to Mrs. B's house, how is she surprised?
(a) by its seculsion.
(b) by its small rooms.
(c) by its value.
(d) by its comfort and cleanliness.

5. What is Moll's initial reaction to her new life of crime?
(a) fear of God.
(b) fear of her governess.
(c) fear of getting hooked on crime.
(d) fear of Newgate.

6. What is the governess turned pawnbroker actually doing?
(a) fencing stolen goods.
(b) heading up a theft ring.
(c) teaching women how to shoplift.
(d) robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

7. Why does Moll not relate all the adventures of her Lancashire husband?
(a) she cannot know them all.
(b) it is her story, not his.
(c) she means to write another book.
(d) she does not believe them all.

8. Why does the landlady not offer the same help that Mrs. B offers?
(a) she is not a midwife.
(b) she does not have enough room.
(c) she lacks education.
(d) she cannot secure the parish.

9. What does Moll say allowed the devil to push her into crime?
(a) the plight of poverty.
(b) the thrill of the hunt.
(c) the influence of her missing husband.
(d) the challenge to the police.

10. Who does Moll meet to help her with her money?
(a) a merchant.
(b) a doctor.
(c) a solicitor.
(d) a banker.

11. How does Mill say she came out of the charge of robbing the silversmith?
(a) with fear and trepidation.
(b) with flying colors.
(c) with shame and disgrace.
(d) with her will to stop thieving.

12. How does Moll begin looking at the banker's house?
(a) as a problem she must solve.
(b) as if she could improve on it.
(c) as a place she likes to visit.
(d) as if it were her own.

13. What do they call Mrs. B in her house?
(a) nurse.
(b) governess.
(c) madame.
(d) nanny.

14. Why does Moll reproach herself after getting caught with the brocade silk?
(a) she could not make up a good story.
(b) she did not scope out the scene well.
(c) she stayed too long in the house.
(d) she did not heed the warnings from before.

15. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?
(a) it is sold back to the people it was stolen from.
(b) it is smuggled to France.
(c) it is sold to collectors.
(d) it is melted down.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. B say she does for the newborns?

2. Who tries to help Moll get released from Newgate?

3. What is in the letter Moll receives after the baby is born?

4. What do Moll and her Lancashire husband discover about each other?

5. What is wrong with Moll's prayers?

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