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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the location when Moll is finally caught red handed?
(a) a private house.
(b) a silversmith's shop.
(c) a drapers.
(d) a roadhouse.

2. What does Moll say is worse than being in want?
(a) being helpless.
(b) being friendless.
(c) being old.
(d) being in prison.

3. What do Moll and Mrs. B work out?
(a) a way to transport Moll to Ireland.
(b) a job for Moll to pay her expenses.
(c) a plan to find Moll's husband.
(d) a budget for Moll's expenses.

4. Why does Moll reproach herself after getting caught with the brocade silk?
(a) she did not heed the warnings from before.
(b) she could not make up a good story.
(c) she stayed too long in the house.
(d) she did not scope out the scene well.

5. Why do people suggest that Moll move out of St. John's Street?
(a) someone recognises her.
(b) people think she is a whore.
(c) she needs to go to a hsopital.
(d) she is obviously pregnant with no husband.

6. After her Bath lover deserts her, what does Moll have?
(a) a sick baby and no money.
(b) her apartment for one more month.
(c) bills in excess of £450.
(d) above £450 and her possessions.

7. Who does Moll say put evil ideas into her head?
(a) the police.
(b) her governess.
(c) the devil.
(d) her highwayman husband.

8. What happens at the Barnet Stage?
(a) Moll steals a bundle from a girl with a baby.
(b) Moll takes a woman's watch from her belt.
(c) Moll fakes an accident and demands compensation.
(d) Moll goes to Glasgow.

9. When Moll is well enough to go to Mrs. B's house, how is she surprised?
(a) by its seculsion.
(b) by its small rooms.
(c) by its value.
(d) by its comfort and cleanliness.

10. What do Moll and her Lancashire husband discover about each other?
(a) they both have money.
(b) they are both broke.
(c) they no longer love each other.
(d) they know the same people.

11. Who tries to help Moll get released from Newgate?
(a) the governess.
(b) the attorney.
(c) her banker.
(d) her husband.

12. How does Moll steal two rings she sees through a house window?
(a) she breaks the glass and takes the rings.
(b) she sends a child inside to get the rings.
(c) she enters the house and takes the rings.
(d) she raises the window and takes the rings.

13. Why does Moll put off the banker who now has a divorce?
(a) she is not sure she wants to marry again.
(b) she wants to be sure he has the divorce.
(c) she is pregnant again.
(d) she has to divorce her husband.

14. What does Moll confess to the banker?
(a) that she fell in love with him at the bank.
(b) that she trusted him but that was all.
(c) that she had thought he was single.
(d) that she had no romantic ideas about him.

15. How is Moll married to the Irishman?
(a) in a Druid ceremony.
(b) in a Roman Catholic ceremony.
(c) in the Church of England.
(d) by a Magistrate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the landlady send for to assist Moll?

2. What happens to the governess to reduce her fortune?

3. What is Moll's initial reaction to her new life of crime?

4. What causes Moll to become audacious in her thievery?

5. What does the governess manage for Moll's son?

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