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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moll do to the shopkeeper after she is exonerated by the capture of the real shoplifter?
(a) She slaps his face.
(b) She demands money as restitution.
(c) She takes him to court.
(d) She makes him get on his knees to apologize.

2. Who does the wealthy man Moll robs in a coach turn out to be?
(a) a cousin of the king.
(b) a royal prince.
(c) a baronet from a good family.
(d) a pirate leading a double life.

3. What does she say he is probably most worried about now?
(a) that someone saw what actually happened.
(b) that he might have the pox.
(c) that his wife will believe his story.
(d) that Moll will find him again.

4. What does the governess manage for Moll's son?
(a) a place in an orphanage.
(b) a shelter in a convent.
(c) a good nurse that is not very expenisve.
(d) an adoption by a childless couple.

5. What happens when Moll's husband learns she is poor?
(a) he deserts her.
(b) he laughs and says it is no important.
(c) he beats her.
(d) he gives her £1500.

6. What privilege do Moll and her husband get while anchored at Ireland?
(a) staying on deck.
(b) dining with the captain.
(c) going ashore to buy provisions.
(d) sending letters to friends in England.

7. What is the governess' new business?
(a) drug dealer.
(b) tax collector.
(c) matchmaker.
(d) pawnbroker.

8. What is the location when Moll is finally caught red handed?
(a) a silversmith's shop.
(b) a private house.
(c) a roadhouse.
(d) a drapers.

9. What happens to Moll in her widow's dress outside a shop?
(a) she is accused of stealing from the shop.
(b) she waits for the right moment to enter.
(c) she witnesses another thief at work.
(d) she faints and is carried into the shop.

10. How does the governess get money from the baronet?
(a) by returning his possessions.
(b) by begging.
(c) by picking his pocket.
(d) by extortion.

11. What happens to the governess to reduce her fortune?
(a) she is disowned by the parish.
(b) she has spent time in Newgate.
(c) she has a long illness.
(d) she is charged with stealing a child.

12. What effect does Moll's brushes with the law have on her activities?
(a) she becomes truly repentant and stops.
(b) she becomes overconfident and continues her business.
(c) she starts working with a partner.
(d) she takes a year off so that her face will be forgotten.

13. What does Mrs. B give to the parish officials?
(a) weekly donations of food.
(b) information on the missing husbands.
(c) security that the women who come to her are married.
(d) money to keep them quiet.

14. When a woman friend of Moll's wants her to meet her brother, what does the man want?
(a) a nanny for his children.
(b) a maid.
(c) her money.
(d) a mistress.

15. Who does Moll get to visit in Newgate?
(a) an accused assassin.
(b) her son Jemmy.
(c) her old partner in crime.
(d) her Lancashire husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the banker say his wife is a whore?

2. What is the governess turned pawnbroker actually doing?

3. What reception does Moll get from the inmates at Newgate?

4. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?

5. Who does Moll meet to help her with her money?

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