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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the governess manage for Moll's son?
(a) a place in an orphanage.
(b) an adoption by a childless couple.
(c) a shelter in a convent.
(d) a good nurse that is not very expenisve.

2. Who tries to help Moll get released from Newgate?
(a) the attorney.
(b) the governess.
(c) her husband.
(d) her banker.

3. What happens to Moll in her widow's dress outside a shop?
(a) she is accused of stealing from the shop.
(b) she witnesses another thief at work.
(c) she faints and is carried into the shop.
(d) she waits for the right moment to enter.

4. What effect does the movement of the prisoners to the gallows have on Moll?
(a) she has a moment of great relief.
(b) she laughs at the misfortune she has avoided.
(c) she feels superior once again.
(d) she has a fit of crying.

5. How does the governess say the baronet explained his condition to his wife?
(a) he lost everything at gambling.
(b) he was in a fire.
(c) he got drunk and was robbed.
(d) he fell into the Thames.

6. What does Moll manage to get from an ale house?
(a) a lady's purse.
(b) a man's wallet.
(c) a set of silver spoons.
(d) a silver tankard.

7. What is Moll's initial reaction to her new life of crime?
(a) fear of her governess.
(b) fear of God.
(c) fear of Newgate.
(d) fear of getting hooked on crime.

8. What does the banker promise Moll?
(a) to pay her well for occasional sex.
(b) to help her triple her money.
(c) not to talk more until he has a divorce.
(d) not to offer her money to be his mistress.

9. What does Moll say about her delivery?
(a) it nearly kills her.
(b) it was expert and better than a mother's help.
(c) she learns she has twin girls.
(d) the baby is still born.

10. Why do people suggest that Moll move out of St. John's Street?
(a) she is obviously pregnant with no husband.
(b) someone recognises her.
(c) people think she is a whore.
(d) she needs to go to a hsopital.

11. Why does Moll reproach herself after getting caught with the brocade silk?
(a) she did not heed the warnings from before.
(b) she did not scope out the scene well.
(c) she stayed too long in the house.
(d) she could not make up a good story.

12. What does Moll admit to the lady who comes to help her?
(a) that she is not married.
(b) that she has a husband.
(c) that she does not want the child.
(d) that she has a lot of money.

13. What does she say he is probably most worried about now?
(a) that someone saw what actually happened.
(b) that he might have the pox.
(c) that his wife will believe his story.
(d) that Moll will find him again.

14. When a woman friend of Moll's wants her to meet her brother, what does the man want?
(a) her money.
(b) a mistress.
(c) a maid.
(d) a nanny for his children.

15. How does the governess get money from the baronet?
(a) by picking his pocket.
(b) by returning his possessions.
(c) by extortion.
(d) by begging.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before they depart for Ireland, what does Moll's new husband ask her?

2. What is the governess turned pawnbroker actually doing?

3. What is the governess' new business?

4. What does Moll say a woman is like when she is left desolate?

5. After moving back with the governess, what work does Mill do?

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