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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Moll heard about the gentleman she is considering marriage to?
(a) that he has a plantation in Virginia.
(b) that he buys and sells slaves.
(c) that he owns a mill in Ireland.
(d) that he is wanted by the police.

2. What does Moll say marriages are the consequences of in the country?
(a) politics.
(b) shotguns.
(c) pregnancies.
(d) religion.

3. Moving in with a friend, what does Moll come to be called?
(a) pretty pickpocket.
(b) pretty whore.
(c) pretty widow.
(d) pretty spinster.

4. How does the landlady help out when Moll becomes pregnant?
(a) arranging an abortion.
(b) vouches that Moll is married to a worthy gentleman.
(c) bribing the parish officials.
(d) arranging a family to adopt the child.

5. How does Moll get one last £50 from her brother/husband in Virginia?
(a) telling him the baby is ill.
(b) telling him it will keep her quiet.
(c) telling him she will go to Ireland.
(d) agreeing to sign a release.

6. Who presses Betty to marry the younger brother?
(a) the older brother.
(b) his sisters.
(c) the parish priest.
(d) his mother.

7. Why does she use the name of Moll Flanders?
(a) she likes the sound of it.
(b) her nurse gave the name to her.
(c) she read it in a newspaper.
(d) most people know that alias.

8. Where does Moll say her true name is known?
(a) in Newgate and the Old Bailey.
(b) in Virginia.
(c) in the Mint.
(d) in her small circle of friends.

9. What does Moll want to become?
(a) a gentlewoman.
(b) a wife and mother.
(c) a singer.
(d) a dancer.

10. How does Moll say she and the older brother behaved in the house of an acquaintance when they were alone?
(a) as nervous as cats.
(b) as wicked as they pleased.
(c) as brave as soldiers.
(d) as proper as church ladies.

11. What does Mrs. Mayoress call Moll that she thinks is a bad name?
(a) Miss.
(b) Mademoiselle.
(c) Child.
(d) Urchin.

12. What does the younger brother want to do?
(a) set Betty up in an apartment.
(b) kill his brother.
(c) marry Betty.
(d) sleep in Betty's bed.

13. What does Moll persuade the mistress to allow her to do?
(a) run away.
(b) live in her house.
(c) go to school.
(d) find a husband.

14. What does the sister tell her older brother about having money but not great beauty when looking for a husband?
(a) a beautiful girl cannot buy money.
(b) the first will do without the last.
(c) her money is invested well.
(d) with money she can buy beauty.

15. What can Moll not consider doing?
(a) marry one brother and be the mistress of the other.
(b) marry a man she does not love.
(c) marry for money.
(d) running away from both brothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Moll go to the aid of the young woman next door to her?

2. Who does Moll meet at Bath?

3. What does the narrator say is the value of hard work as a convict?

4. What does the narrator insist that the characters must eventually become?

5. When Moll's resolution breaks and she gives him permission to make love to her, how does she classify herself?

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