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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After her son is born, where does the gentleman arrange apartments for Moll?
(a) Kensington.
(b) Hammersmith.
(c) Essex.
(d) Bristol.

2. What does Mrs. Mayoress call Moll that she thinks is a bad name?
(a) Child.
(b) Miss.
(c) Mademoiselle.
(d) Urchin.

3. What is Moll's first recollection?
(a) being hungry on the street.
(b) learning how to sew.
(c) leaving Newgate prison.
(d) being among the gypsies.

4. How does the landlady get the gentleman to offer money to Moll?
(a) by asking him for money to give to Moll.
(b) by raising his rent at her house.
(c) by telling a lie about her lost shpment.
(d) by saying that Moll doubts that he has money.

5. Why does Mrs. Mayoress come to the school?
(a) to have some garments mended.
(b) to order a new dress.
(c) to look for the little gentlewoman.
(d) to find a new slave.

6. Why does the narrator say that the ugly and wicked part of a person's life must be presented?
(a) to show the reasons penitence is needed.
(b) to show the beauty of penitence may be appreciated.
(c) to make the story more interesting to readers.
(d) to warn people about living such a life.

7. Why does the narrator say it is difficult to have a private biography taken seriously?
(a) because of dull lives.
(b) because of being published anonymously.
(c) because of romances and novels.
(d) because of lack of interest.

8. What happens when Betty Flanders goes to live with another widow?
(a) the widow finds a rich man and marries.
(b) she meets all kinds of rich, available men.
(c) the widwo dies and leaves her house to Mrs. Flanders.
(d) the widow turns her in to the police.

9. What does the narrator insist is the value of the story?
(a) that it opens up a new kind of literature.
(b) that something just or religious may be learned.
(c) that it will put the reader to sleep.
(d) that it will teach child rearing to new parents.

10. Why does Mrs. Mayoress say Moll may become a gentlewoman for all they know?
(a) she has a gentlewoman's hands.
(b) she has a gentlewoman's air about her.
(c) she is very lovely.
(d) she speaks with proper English.

11. What does the narrator say about Moll's being penitent?
(a) she does not know the meaning of the word.
(b) she never thinks she has done wrong.
(c) she is heartily sorry for her sins.
(d) she pretends to be.

12. What does the sister tell her brother now recommends a woman to a gentleman?
(a) being well educated.
(b) having a sponsor.
(c) only exceptional looks.
(d) nothing but money.

13. How does Moll get one last £50 from her brother/husband in Virginia?
(a) telling him it will keep her quiet.
(b) agreeing to sign a release.
(c) telling him the baby is ill.
(d) telling him she will go to Ireland.

14. What does Moll finally find?
(a) a tradesman who is handsome but poor.
(b) a titled gentleman.
(c) a gentleman tradesman.
(d) a tradesman who is crude but rich.

15. Who presses Betty to marry the younger brother?
(a) his mother.
(b) the parish priest.
(c) his sisters.
(d) the older brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the new mistress lack that the former one had?

2. Moving in with a friend, what does Moll come to be called?

3. At what age do the magistrates declare that Moll should go into service?

4. What problem does Moll have getting the money her old nurse had saved for her?

5. How does the landlady help out when Moll becomes pregnant?

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