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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moll, called Mrs. Betty, do better than the daughters of the new family?
(a) speak German.
(b) write.
(c) sing.
(d) cook.

2. What does the narrator say about the final scene in the story?
(a) it is not written by Moll herself.
(b) it is still an unfinished work.
(c) it makes the reader shed tears.
(d) it is Moll's best writing.

3. What can Moll not consider doing?
(a) running away from both brothers.
(b) marry for money.
(c) marry a man she does not love.
(d) marry one brother and be the mistress of the other.

4. Who does Moll meet at Bath?
(a) a gentleman down from London.
(b) a handsome rogue.
(c) an other draper.
(d) an old friend from the Mint.

5. Where does Moll take up residence after returning from Virginia?
(a) the Mint.
(b) London.
(c) Bristol.
(d) Bath.

6. How does Moll compare herself to the gentleman at Bath?
(a) that she is more innocent.
(b) that she is more noble.
(c) that she is more helpless.
(d) that she is more wicked.

7. What alteration does the narrator say has been made to the story?
(a) more stress on the law.
(b) more historical references.
(c) more modest words.
(d) more graphic detail.

8. What does the landlady charge Moll for lodging during the winter at Bath?
(a) nothing.
(b) some bartered goods.
(c) a few shillings.
(d) one pound.

9. What does the narrator say results from any wicked action in the book?
(a) a means to get away.
(b) an argument for clean living.
(c) an unhappy end.
(d) a lesson for the readers.

10. How old is Moll when she is taken in by a kind woman?
(a) only one year old.
(b) just turning twelve.
(c) not above three-years-old.
(d) just a baby.

11. What is Moll looking for after the death of her first husband?
(a) a rich man to make her his mistress.
(b) a rich man to adopt her.
(c) a rich man to marry.
(d) a rich man to rob.

12. Where does Moll say her true name is known?
(a) in Virginia.
(b) in the Mint.
(c) in Newgate and the Old Bailey.
(d) in her small circle of friends.

13. What is the assumption left up to the reader in the Preface?
(a) Whether the narrator is Moll or not.
(b) Whether Moll Flanders is good or bad.
(c) Whether the story is true or fiction.
(d) Whether the story takes place in England or America.

14. What shows the other brother's intentions that Moll does not understand?
(a) he proposes marriage.
(b) he takes her out of the house.
(c) he kisses her and runs away.
(d) he gives her money.

15. Why does she use the name of Moll Flanders?
(a) her nurse gave the name to her.
(b) she read it in a newspaper.
(c) she likes the sound of it.
(d) most people know that alias.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moll suspect about her landlady and the gentleman?

2. How does the landlady get the gentleman to offer money to Moll?

3. How does Moll propose to make her own living?

4. Why does Mrs. Mayoress come to the school?

5. What does Mill learn about her cargo from Virginia when she reaches London?

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