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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of instruction does the narrator say is included in the story?
(a) how to tell when someone is lying.
(b) how to avoid thieves and pickpockets.
(c) how to escakpe from prison.
(d) how to steal without getting caught.

2. What problem does Moll have getting the money her old nurse had saved for her?
(a) Moll cannot leave the house where she works and lives.
(b) the nurse left no written instructions about the money.
(c) after the nurse dies, her daughter does not want to give it.
(d) the magistrates want reembursement for their expenses.

3. What do the ladies of the town do for Moll?
(a) petition the mayor.
(b) keep her hidden from the police.
(c) give her money and clothes.
(d) send her to school in London.

4. What does Moll help the young woman next door do?
(a) find a new man.
(b) get even with the unfair beau.
(c) learn how to steal.
(d) get a job as a governess.

5. Who is assumed to be the narrator of the story?
(a) Moll Flanders.
(b) Daniel DeFoe.
(c) Moll Flanders' mother.
(d) a British journalist.

6. How does Moll talk about their next encounter?
(a) she says he gave her £1000.
(b) she says he went farther than decency allows her to recount.
(c) she says he paid her to disrobe for him to see.
(d) she says he smuggled her into his room and locked the door.

7. What causes Moll not to go to the older brother's wedding?
(a) she is not invited to the wedding.
(b) she has to look after her ten children.
(c) she is eight months pregnant.
(d) seeing another woman marry the man she loves.

8. What alteration does the narrator say has been made to the story?
(a) more graphic detail.
(b) more historical references.
(c) more stress on the law.
(d) more modest words.

9. What does the new mistress lack that the former one had?
(a) honesty.
(b) family.
(c) money.
(d) fine clothes.

10. To what does the narrator compare his novel?
(a) to school lessons.
(b) to plays written for the stage.
(c) to religious pamphlets.
(d) to narrative poems.

11. How does Moll get one last £50 from her brother/husband in Virginia?
(a) telling him the baby is ill.
(b) telling him it will keep her quiet.
(c) agreeing to sign a release.
(d) telling him she will go to Ireland.

12. How does the captain's lady help repay Moll for her services?
(a) by inviting other ship's captains to her home.
(b) by making Moll her secretary.
(c) by giving her some money.
(d) by helping her rumored to be a wealthy widow.

13. What does the narrator hope the reader will be more pleased with?
(a) the truth of the story.
(b) the excitement of the story.
(c) the moral of the story.
(d) the salaciousness of the story.

14. What does the narrator say the problem is with writing such a story of three decades of crime?
(a) that the writer may become terribly depressed.
(b) that the author has to keep his chronology straight.
(c) that vicious readers may turn it to the author's disadvantage.
(d) that readers may question how the author knows about crime.

15. How do Moll and the young woman next door get even with the young captain?
(a) by fooling him into marrying a shrew.
(b) by picketing his house.
(c) by sinking his ship.
(d) by destroying his reputation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moll suspect about her landlady and the gentleman?

2. What is Moll's first recollection?

3. Why does Mrs. Mayoress come to the school?

4. What does the younger brother protest about with his sister?

5. What does Moll say that women of her time had lost?

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