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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say results from any wicked action in the book?
(a) a lesson for the readers.
(b) a means to get away.
(c) an unhappy end.
(d) an argument for clean living.

2. Why does Moll go to the aid of the young woman next door to her?
(a) her beau had left her bacause he had many others.
(b) her beau had left her when she gave him no money.
(c) her beau left her because she checked up on his character.
(d) her beau had left her after she became pregnant.

3. What does the narrator say about the final scene in the story?
(a) it is still an unfinished work.
(b) it is not written by Moll herself.
(c) it is Moll's best writing.
(d) it makes the reader shed tears.

4. What does the narrator hope the reader will be more pleased with?
(a) the salaciousness of the story.
(b) the excitement of the story.
(c) the truth of the story.
(d) the moral of the story.

5. What spared Moll's mother's life when she was condemned to die?
(a) she became the mistress of the warden.
(b) she escaped and fled to virginia.
(c) she turned state's evidence.
(d) she was pregnant with Moll.

6. What happens when Betty Flanders goes to live with another widow?
(a) the widwo dies and leaves her house to Mrs. Flanders.
(b) the widow turns her in to the police.
(c) the widow finds a rich man and marries.
(d) she meets all kinds of rich, available men.

7. How does the landlady get the gentleman to offer money to Moll?
(a) by raising his rent at her house.
(b) by telling a lie about her lost shpment.
(c) by saying that Moll doubts that he has money.
(d) by asking him for money to give to Moll.

8. What type of instruction does the narrator say is included in the story?
(a) how to tell when someone is lying.
(b) how to steal without getting caught.
(c) how to avoid thieves and pickpockets.
(d) how to escakpe from prison.

9. What does Moll finally find?
(a) a titled gentleman.
(b) a tradesman who is handsome but poor.
(c) a gentleman tradesman.
(d) a tradesman who is crude but rich.

10. How does the landlady help out when Moll becomes pregnant?
(a) bribing the parish officials.
(b) vouches that Moll is married to a worthy gentleman.
(c) arranging an abortion.
(d) arranging a family to adopt the child.

11. What is Moll looking for after the death of her first husband?
(a) a rich man to rob.
(b) a rich man to adopt her.
(c) a rich man to make her his mistress.
(d) a rich man to marry.

12. What happens to her draper husband?
(a) he is hanged in Newgate Prison.
(b) he is sent in servictude to Australia.
(c) he escapes and goes to America.
(d) he escapes jail and goes to France.

13. Why does Mrs. Mayoress say Moll may become a gentlewoman for all they know?
(a) she has a gentlewoman's hands.
(b) she has a gentlewoman's air about her.
(c) she is very lovely.
(d) she speaks with proper English.

14. What does the gentleman at Bath give Moll?
(a) a small drawer full of gold coins.
(b) a letter of credit.
(c) a cheque for £1,000.
(d) a diamond ring.

15. When does Moll realize the older brother only wants her as a mistress?
(a) when he stops talking about love and marriage.
(b) when he tells her he is engaged to another lady.
(c) when he gives her 100 guineas and a promise for that much each year.
(d) when he gives her £1000 to leave town..

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does the narrator compare his novel?

2. How does the elder brother begin his chase of Moll?

3. What does the sister tell her brother now recommends a woman to a gentleman?

4. How does Moll talk about their next encounter?

5. How is the weather during Moll's trip back to England from Virginia?

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