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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the landlady help out when Moll becomes pregnant?
(a) bribing the parish officials.
(b) arranging a family to adopt the child.
(c) arranging an abortion.
(d) vouches that Moll is married to a worthy gentleman.

2. Why does Mrs. Mayoress come to the school?
(a) to look for the little gentlewoman.
(b) to find a new slave.
(c) to have some garments mended.
(d) to order a new dress.

3. After the gentleman lover nearly dies, what happens to him?
(a) he goes to France.
(b) he is struck by remorse.
(c) he vows to find a new lover.
(d) he loses him membory of Moll.

4. Where does Moll say her true name is known?
(a) in the Mint.
(b) in Newgate and the Old Bailey.
(c) in her small circle of friends.
(d) in Virginia.

5. What happens to her draper husband?
(a) he escapes and goes to America.
(b) he is hanged in Newgate Prison.
(c) he escapes jail and goes to France.
(d) he is sent in servictude to Australia.

6. What is Moll's first recollection?
(a) learning how to sew.
(b) being hungry on the street.
(c) leaving Newgate prison.
(d) being among the gypsies.

7. What shows the other brother's intentions that Moll does not understand?
(a) he kisses her and runs away.
(b) he takes her out of the house.
(c) he proposes marriage.
(d) he gives her money.

8. What happens with the younger brother?
(a) he wants Betty for a mistress.
(b) he falls truly in love with Mrs. Betty.
(c) he spies of Betty when she leaves the house.
(d) he blackmails Mrs. Betty and his brother.

9. What does the narrator hope the reader will be more pleased with?
(a) the moral of the story.
(b) the excitement of the story.
(c) the salaciousness of the story.
(d) the truth of the story.

10. What does Mrs. Mayoress call Moll that she thinks is a bad name?
(a) Urchin.
(b) Mademoiselle.
(c) Child.
(d) Miss.

11. What does Moll receive at the second home where she is kept?
(a) hard labor.
(b) £100 a month.
(c) fire new garments.
(d) education.

12. What does Moll tell her suitor that he does not apparently believe?
(a) that she is poor.
(b) that she demands a diamond ring.
(c) that she has six children.
(d) that she is married already.

13. What does the younger brother protest about with his sister?
(a) that he is not interested in money.
(b) that he is looking for a woman without money.
(c) that he always has to take his brother's left overs.
(d) that he will never marry an woman.

14. What happens to the gentleman at Bath?
(a) he is arrested for theft.
(b) he leaves in the middle of the night.
(c) he is visited by his wife.
(d) he becomes ill.

15. Why does the narrator say that the ugly and wicked part of a person's life must be presented?
(a) to warn people about living such a life.
(b) to show the reasons penitence is needed.
(c) to show the beauty of penitence may be appreciated.
(d) to make the story more interesting to readers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the sister tell her brother now recommends a woman to a gentleman?

2. Who is assumed to be the narrator of the story?

3. What do the ladies of the town do for Moll?

4. Where does Moll go to dress in back as a widow and call herself Mrs. Flanders?

5. Why does the narrator say it is difficult to have a private biography taken seriously?

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