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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the mistress come to talk with Moll while she sews a shirt?
(a) because she has a new family for Moll.
(b) because she is always crying.
(c) because she is not doing a good job.
(d) because she has bad news.

2. How does the elder brother begin his chase of Moll?
(a) buying her expensive gifts.
(b) talking about her to his sisters.
(c) flirting with her in front of his mother.
(d) slipping into her room at night.

3. What does the narrator say has been left out of the story?
(a) some of the least colorful parts.
(b) some of the more vicious parts.
(c) some of the duplicate parts.
(d) some of the most boring parts.

4. What does the narrator say the problem is with writing such a story of three decades of crime?
(a) that readers may question how the author knows about crime.
(b) that the author has to keep his chronology straight.
(c) that vicious readers may turn it to the author's disadvantage.
(d) that the writer may become terribly depressed.

5. What do the ladies of the town do for Moll?
(a) give her money and clothes.
(b) petition the mayor.
(c) keep her hidden from the police.
(d) send her to school in London.

6. What does the sister tell her brother now recommends a woman to a gentleman?
(a) being well educated.
(b) having a sponsor.
(c) only exceptional looks.
(d) nothing but money.

7. At what age do the magistrates declare that Moll should go into service?
(a) age ten.
(b) age eight.
(c) age twelve.
(d) age six.

8. Why does she use the name of Moll Flanders?
(a) she likes the sound of it.
(b) most people know that alias.
(c) she read it in a newspaper.
(d) her nurse gave the name to her.

9. What happens with the younger brother?
(a) he spies of Betty when she leaves the house.
(b) he blackmails Mrs. Betty and his brother.
(c) he wants Betty for a mistress.
(d) he falls truly in love with Mrs. Betty.

10. How does Moll say she and the older brother behaved in the house of an acquaintance when they were alone?
(a) as brave as soldiers.
(b) as proper as church ladies.
(c) as nervous as cats.
(d) as wicked as they pleased.

11. What does Moll, called Mrs. Betty, do better than the daughters of the new family?
(a) cook.
(b) speak German.
(c) write.
(d) sing.

12. What does the narrator say results from any wicked action in the book?
(a) an unhappy end.
(b) a means to get away.
(c) an argument for clean living.
(d) a lesson for the readers.

13. Why does Mrs. Mayoress say Moll may become a gentlewoman for all they know?
(a) she is very lovely.
(b) she has a gentlewoman's air about her.
(c) she speaks with proper English.
(d) she has a gentlewoman's hands.

14. Where does Moll say her true name is known?
(a) in Newgate and the Old Bailey.
(b) in the Mint.
(c) in her small circle of friends.
(d) in Virginia.

15. What does Moll suspect about her landlady and the gentleman?
(a) that the landlady does not know what is going on.
(b) that the landlady is being bribed by the gentleman.
(c) that the landlady and he are having an affair.
(d) that the landlady is encouraging him to notice Moll.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Moll and the young woman next door get even with the young captain?

2. What does Mrs. Betty (aka Moll) know that makes her vain?

3. Where does Moll learn that men find a mistress sometimes, but very rarely look for a wife?

4. What does Moll finally find?

5. What does the narrator tell the reader to expect in the story?

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