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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 174-212:.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the younger brother retort to his sister's talk about money?
(a) a beautiful maid will sometimes ride a carriage before her mistress.
(b) an ugly lady with money is no prize.
(c) a beautiful gets money in the form of gifts.
(d) a beautiful maid is often taken by a wealthy friend.

2. What does Moll say about her delivery?
(a) the baby is still born.
(b) it nearly kills her.
(c) she learns she has twin girls.
(d) it was expert and better than a mother's help.

3. What does Mill learn about her cargo from Virginia when she reaches London?
(a) her cargo was seized by the government.
(b) the ship lost most of its cargo.
(c) the ship sank off the coast of Ireland.
(d) the ship was captured by pirates.

4. What happens to a woman caught with goods Moll had stolen?
(a) she is taken to Newgate.
(b) she has a heart attack and dies.
(c) she kicks a policeman.
(d) she tells on Moll.

5. How does the governess get money from the baronet?
(a) by extortion.
(b) by picking his pocket.
(c) by returning his possessions.
(d) by begging.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the gentleman at Bath give Moll?

2. How old does she now admit to being?

3. Where does Moll learn that men find a mistress sometimes, but very rarely look for a wife?

4. How does Moll begin looking at the banker's house?

5. What happens to the sliver brought to the pawnbroker?

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