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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 174-212:.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the sister tell her older brother about having money but not great beauty when looking for a husband?
(a) a beautiful girl cannot buy money.
(b) her money is invested well.
(c) the first will do without the last.
(d) with money she can buy beauty.

2. What does the sister tell her brother now recommends a woman to a gentleman?
(a) being well educated.
(b) nothing but money.
(c) only exceptional looks.
(d) having a sponsor.

3. When a woman friend of Moll's wants her to meet her brother, what does the man want?
(a) a maid.
(b) her money.
(c) a nanny for his children.
(d) a mistress.

4. Before they depart for Ireland, what does Moll's new husband ask her?
(a) if she has affairs to finish in London.
(b) if she will wait for him in West chester.
(c) if she wants a large family.
(d) if she has brought any money with her.

5. What does the banker say about himself and his wife?
(a) he is unhappy and she is living a high life.
(b) he is a cuckold and she is a whore.
(c) he is young and she is old.
(d) he is alone and she is in an asylum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moll confess to the banker?

2. What does the banker promise Moll?

3. What does the younger brother protest about with his sister?

4. How does the governess say the baronet explained his condition to his wife?

5. What does Moll say the passing jade thinks of?

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