Moll Flanders Character Descriptions

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The Bank Clerk

Moll meets him just before she is about to go to Lancashire and feels that she needs someone to hold her money in London while she is away.

The Draper

During her marriage to him, Moll says she had the pleasure of seeing a great deal of my money spent upon herself.

The Elder Brother

Moll's first love, a handsome but tricky young man who creates a series of deceptions, putting Moll into a position where she must marry his brother, Robin.

Moll Flanders

The heroine and first-person narrator of the novel who was born in Newgate Prison to a thief who would have been hanged had she not been pregnant.

The Gentleman in Bath

A man Moll meets after returning from Virginia who is married but claims his wife is crazy. He meets Moll in the fashionable resort town of Bath where he becomes...

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