Moderato Cantabile Fun Activities

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Watch a film clip

Watch a short clip from film and compare it to the scene from the book.

Research the nouveau Roman movement

Research the nouveau Roman movement that was started by Alain Robbe-Grillet and write one to two paragraphs describing how the book falls into this genre.

Trivial Pursuit

Play Trivial Pursuit using the multiple-choice section for questions with the following categories: Anne, Chauvin, the teacher, the child, the cafe.


Have students create their own Bingo board in a theme related to the book and then play a game during class free time.

Reading in French

Find an excerpt from the novel in its original French and read aloud in class.

Research gender in French language

Research the role gender plays in the French language and determine the role that it may play in the confusion of the dialogue in the translated version of the...

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