Mockingjay Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Suzanne Collins
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Katniss Everdeen? Why has she come to see the destruction of District 12? How does the sight of her former home impact Katniss? For what reason? What object does she find in her home in District 12? What does this object symbolize? From whom has it come? What does Katniss think the meaning of this item is?

Essay Topic 2

What is District 13? Why have so many believed that the district was destroyed seventy-five years before? What really happened? Who is Coin? What does she want from Katniss? For what reason? How has the mockingjay become a symbol of the rebellion? How does Katniss feel about this? Why does Katniss resist the role Coin wants her to play in the rebellion? What has Katniss' resent experiences impacted her view of the future and her decisions regarding her own role in the rebellion?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Gale...

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