Mockingjay Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Suzanne Collins
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Part I, Chapters 1-6

• Katniss is flown into District 12 so that she can see the damage inflicted by the Capitol's bombs.

• Katniss goes into her old home where she discovers that someone has left a rose for her.

• Katniss gathers items she believes will please her mother and sister, including the stubborn family cat.
• Katniss returns to District 13 where the survivors of District 12 have been taken.

• Katniss is free to roam because of her lingering injuries from the Quarter Quell, but others are forced to keep a schedule they are given each morning.
• Katniss is unhappy with the restrictions of District 13, but admires them for surviving for seventy-five years alone.

• Katniss is asked to represent the mockingjay as a symbol of the rebellion. At first she resists, but later relents.
• Katniss discovers that her design team has been held captive in District 13. Katniss demands their release.

• Katniss is...

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