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Short Answer Questions

1. What rumor spreads about the lone rider's horse?

2. What are the Indians doing when they "call out" the children?

3. What does Sally do with Jim's braids and feather?

4. What does Jim want to do for Jonnie?

5. Which of these does Jim tell Tom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Jim's Eagle Feather.

2. Explain Daniel's relationship with Jim throughout the book, and some of its consequences.

3. How do Jim and the men disagree about the way to retrieve the cattle?

4. How do Jim and Joe Meek rescue Daniel?

5. How does Jim change after returning the horse?

6. What rumors start to spread because of Jim's ride?

7. In chapter 17, what does Jim realize about the future of the region?

8. What does Jim overhear Jonnie and Mr. Rutledge discussing at the beginning of chapter nine?

9. What does Mr. Rutledge mean when he says Jim is struggling to find himself?

10. Why is Daniel unhappy with Jim in chapter fifteen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The main characters in "Moccasin Trail" have to make many adaptations. Discuss environmental, cultural, and familial adaptations Jim, Sally, Jonnie and Daniel must make.

Essay Topic 2

How do Jim's inner struggles relate to the struggles of young people in modern times? Site three modern examples of youth struggles and compare and contrast them to Jim's struggles in "Moccasin Trail".

Essay Topic 3

Jim learns several skills from his time with the Indians and in the wilderness. Discuss two of Jim's skills and how they are used to further the plot or provide important interactions between characters.

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