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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jim deal with the two guards?
(a) He has his dog attack one while he shoots the other with his bow and arrow.
(b) He shoots both of them with a bow and arrow,
(c) He sneaks around the guards.
(d) He has his dog attack both guards.

2. Which one of these is a disturbing memory that Jim has about the Indians?
(a) A woman who kills her child.
(b) A man who with a necklace of scalps.
(c) The Indians stealing from each other.
(d) His Indian mother beating him.

3. How does Jim feel about living in the cabin?
(a) Free and satisfied.
(b) Ashamed of his white family.
(c) Closed in and panicky.
(d) Proud and happy.

4. How does Mr. Rutledge assure Jonnie?
(a) Tells him that all families argue sometimes.
(b) Tells him that Jim knows how to keep Daniel safe.
(c) Tells him that Daniel loves his home so he won't run away.
(d) Tells him that Jim can write an X instead of signing his name.

5. What offer does Meek make?
(a) He offers to pardon Jim for stealing the horse.
(b) He offers Jonnie a deputy job.
(c) He offers Jim a deputy job.
(d) He offers to become a trapper with Jim in the mountains.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim want to do for Jonnie?

2. What does Jim feel when the cabin is finished?

3. How does Jim practice signing his name?

4. How is Jonnie suffering as a result of Jim's identity crisis?

5. Who throws pebbles at Jim?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Jim tries to return the horse?

2. How do the cabin walls make Jim feel?

3. What is one way Jim's struggles in Moccasin Trail are similar to the struggles of some young people in our world today?

4. Discuss Jim's Eagle Feather.

5. Why do you think Sally has a change of heart when Jim returns from the Indian camp in chapter fourteen?

6. How do Jim and the men disagree about the way to retrieve the cattle?

7. Why is Daniel unhappy with Jim in chapter fifteen?

8. What does Mr. Rutledge mean when he says Jim is struggling to find himself?

9. Compare Jim's view of stealing the horse with the view of the other men.

10. How does Jim change after returning the horse?

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