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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jim and Sally argue about after Jim swims across the river?
(a) Sally thinks Jim is setting a bad example for Daniel.
(b) Sally says Jim should have stayed on the Rutledge's side of the river.
(c) Sally thinks it is the wrong time of year to be swimming.
(d) Sally wants Jim to let them know where he is going.

2. Which of these causes Jim to have mixed emotions about the Indians?
(a) They believe they are one with the land, but they willingly destroy the land.
(b) They nursed him back to health, but they commit acts of cruelty as well.
(c) They nursed him back to health, but they didn't treat him well after he was strong again.
(d) They are like family to him, but they are at war with each other.

3. Why does Jim believe the thieves are Indian, not white?
(a) He finds the boots and clothes they left behind in the woods.
(b) They left bare footprints as well as bootprints.
(c) They didn't put weight down on their boots like white men would.
(d) He finds an arrow in a fencepost.

4. How does Mr. Rutledge assure Jonnie?
(a) Tells him that Daniel loves his home so he won't run away.
(b) Tells him that Jim knows how to keep Daniel safe.
(c) Tells him that all families argue sometimes.
(d) Tells him that Jim can write an X instead of signing his name.

5. Why is Jim avoiding work?
(a) Jonnie is giving him too much work.
(b) He is having an identity crisis.
(c) He believes Jonnie should do all the work because it's his farm.
(d) He feels like the work is beneath him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim foresee for the future of the region.

2. What does Jim realize after talking with the man from the wagon train?

3. What does Jim realize when Tom talks to Mr. Rutledge?

4. How does Jonnie help Jim deal with his emotions?

5. What are the Indians doing when they "call out" the children?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jim do after his ride?

2. What is one way Jim's struggles in Moccasin Trail are similar to the struggles of some young people in our world today?

3. What happens when Jim tries to return the horse?

4. Explain Daniel's relationship with Jim throughout the book, and some of its consequences.

5. How has Sally's attitude changed towards Jim since she first reunited with him?

6. How does Jim trick Daniel into teaching him how to write his name?

7. Discuss Jim's Eagle Feather.

8. How do Jim and Joe Meek rescue Daniel?

9. How do the cabin walls make Jim feel?

10. Why do you think Jim goes on his wild ride?

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