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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Daniel learning writing and arithmetic?
(a) At home, from his father.
(b) At home, from his sister.
(c) At home, from his mother.
(d) At a one-room school house.

2. What does Jonnie need to do next to get ready for the next season's crops?
(a) Buy a horse.
(b) Clear the land.
(c) Build a barn.
(d) Train Daniel to use a plow.

3. What does Jim teach Daniel while they are setting traps?
(a) How to keep traps from getting old and rusted.
(b) How to be sure an animal doesn't detect the trap.
(c) How to remember where traps are located.
(d) How to keep people from getting in the traps.

4. Which of the following conflicts is NOT resolved by the end of the book?
(a) Sally has come to accept some of Jim's differences.
(b) Jim has decided that the best place for him is with his family.
(c) Joe Meek has solved the mystery of what happened at the Indian camp the night Jim stole the horse.
(d) Jim has come to a conclusion about his identity.

5. What do Jim and Sally argue about after Jim swims across the river?
(a) Sally thinks it is the wrong time of year to be swimming.
(b) Sally thinks Jim is setting a bad example for Daniel.
(c) Sally says Jim should have stayed on the Rutledge's side of the river.
(d) Sally wants Jim to let them know where he is going.

6. How does Jonnie's attitude change after seeing Jim's scars?
(a) He begins to understand Jim's empathy toward the Indians.
(b) He begins to have more respect for Jim's beleifs about land.
(c) He beleives it might be best if Jim goes back to the Indians.
(d) He begins to feel sorry for Jim.

7. What does Jim believe about stealing the horse?
(a) It was okay to steal it because the Indians stole it from someone else.
(b) It was wrong to steal it.
(c) He didn't actually steal it because he planned all along to put it back.
(d) It was okay to steal it because Indians would just say he is "counting coup".

8. What is Jonnie's concern about the trail?
(a) He is afraid the trail will be too steep.
(b) He is afraid the wind and rain have erased the trail.
(c) He is afraid Meek won't be able to follow it in the dark.
(d) He doesn't think Jim left a strong enough trail to follow.

9. How does Jonnie defend Jim's right to wear an Eagle feather?
(a) He says it is a part of who Jim is as a person.
(b) He says it's similar to their father's war medal.
(c) He says it's similar to the hat his father gave him as a memento.
(d) He says it's similar to the cross that Sally wears.

10. What does Jim tell himself about returning to Jonnie and Sally after his wild ride?
(a) He is returning because Sally would be heartbroken if he left.
(b) He is returning because he left his mule and dog behind.
(c) He is returning because Jonnie needs his help.
(d) He is returning because he wants to convince Daniel to run away.

11. How does Jim practice signing his name?
(a) He asks Daniel to help him practice.
(b) He finds where Daniel has written his name on some paper and uses that to practice.
(c) He has Daniel write his name on a piece of bark and uses that to practice.
(d) He makes Daniel write his name over and over until he memorizes how to write it.

12. What identity crisis has Jim been struggling with?
(a) He feels like an Indian even though he is white.
(b) He is starting to feel like a white man even though he is Indian.
(c) He feels like he should be head of the family since he is the oldest.
(d) He feels like a mountain man even though he is a farmer.

13. Why do Mr. Rutledge, Jim and Jonnie quit working at the beginning of chapter nine?
(a) The land surveyor has come.
(b) Sam Mullins has come.
(c) Joe Meek has come.
(d) Tom Rivers has come.

14. Which of these does Jim tell Tom?
(a) Sally doesn't like the Indians, so she doesn't tolerate Jim's lifestyle.
(b) Sally doesn't like the Indians but has come to tolerate Jim's lifestyle.
(c) Sally has learned to like the Indians, so she now tolerates Jim's lifestyle.
(d) Sally doesn't like the Indians, so Jim has changed his lifestyle to suit her.

15. What does Jonnie accuse Jim of?
(a) That he is leaving to run away from a problem.
(b) That he is leaving just because he hates farmwork.
(c) That he is leaving because of the way Sally has treated him.
(d) That he is leaving because he is afraid Meek will find out he killed an Indian.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Jonnie rides Jim's horse?

2. What are the Indians doing when they "call out" the children?

3. What does Sally do with Jim's braids and feather?

4. Where does Jim sleep before he moves into the cabin?

5. What does Daniel ask Jim to teach him?

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