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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jim's reaction to his own childhood memories?
(a) The memories convince him that Sally is right about many things.
(b) He tries to remember more.
(c) He tells the memories to Daniel.
(d) He fights them.

2. Why does Joe Meek come to visit Jim?
(a) He wants to visit with Jim about trapping.
(b) The other men told Joe that Jim had stolen a horse.
(c) He enjoys Sally's cooking.
(d) He has heard there is trouble at one of the Indian camps.

3. Why does Jim believe the thieves are Indian, not white?
(a) They didn't put weight down on their boots like white men would.
(b) He finds an arrow in a fencepost.
(c) He finds the boots and clothes they left behind in the woods.
(d) They left bare footprints as well as bootprints.

4. What does Jim believe about stealing the horse?
(a) He didn't actually steal it because he planned all along to put it back.
(b) It was okay to steal it because Indians would just say he is "counting coup".
(c) It was wrong to steal it.
(d) It was okay to steal it because the Indians stole it from someone else.

5. Why is Jim surprised the thieves headed to the creek?
(a) The creek is too cold to swim in this time of year.
(b) Indians wouldn't think of heading to the creek.
(c) Whites wouldn't think of heading to the creek.
(d) It would be difficult for the theives to drive the cattle through the creek.

6. What could one reasonably argue that Jim's braids symbolize?
(a) Jim's Indian identity.
(b) Jim's Indian bloodline.
(c) Jim's desire to run away.
(d) Jim's killing the grizzly bear.

7. When Jim steals the horse, what does he plan to do with it?
(a) Keep it for himself.
(b) Give it to Jonnie.
(c) Keep it only for a while then give it back to the Indians.
(d) Give it to Daniel.

8. What does Mr. Rutledge believe about Jim?
(a) He will eventually go back to the Indians.
(b) He will eventually fit in with the family.
(c) He will probably never fit in with the family.
(d) He is lazy.

9. What does Jim plan to do after seeing Daniel safely home?
(a) Rejoin the Indian tribe.
(b) Head East.
(c) Find Tom Rivers.
(d) Head West.

10. Why does Jim decide he shouldn't return to trapping in the mountains?
(a) There isn't enough game in the mountains.
(b) He likes farming better than trapping.
(c) It's too dangerous because of the Indian war.
(d) He doesn't have a partner to trap with.

11. Which one of these is a disturbing memory that Jim has about the Indians?
(a) His Indian mother beating him.
(b) A woman who kills her child.
(c) A man who with a necklace of scalps.
(d) The Indians stealing from each other.

12. What do Jim and Daniel do when Jim calls Daniel out?
(a) Swim in the river.
(b) Discuss leadership.
(c) Hunt in the woods.
(d) Throw sticks and pebbles at each other.

13. What do Jonnie and Sally do when Jim returns?
(a) Continue their argument with him.
(b) Act as if nothing happened.
(c) Avoid him.
(d) Treat him more harshly than ever.

14. What does Jim challenge Daniel to do?
(a) Write his own name and Jim's name.
(b) Do a math problem and write his name.
(c) Write Jim's and Jonnie's names.
(d) Write Sally's and Jim's names.

15. What have some of the other men told Joe about Jim's role in retrieving the cattle?
(a) They say Jim endangered all of them by trying to put the horse back.
(b) They say Jim endangered all of them by stealing a horse.
(c) They say they couldn't have gotten the cattle back without Jim's help.
(d) They say Jim was able to trick the Indians because he is part Indian.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim realize after talking with the man from the wagon train?

2. How does Sally use a picture of Jim and Jonnie?

3. Where does Jim sleep before he moves into the cabin?

4. Who is the first to suggest that Jim can track the cattle thieves?

5. What does Daniel ask Jim to teach him?

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