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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12 through 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jim realize after killing the Indian and returning the horse?
(a) He does not feel like an Indian or a white man.
(b) He cares about what others think of him.
(c) He has betrayed his Indian family.
(d) He has accomplished a brave victory for his family by killing an Indian.

2. How does Jim deal with the two guards?
(a) He has his dog attack both guards.
(b) He shoots both of them with a bow and arrow,
(c) He sneaks around the guards.
(d) He has his dog attack one while he shoots the other with his bow and arrow.

3. What does Sally notice when Jim walks into the camp?
(a) A bandage on his hand.
(b) A bandage on his shoulder.
(c) A bandage on his foot.
(d) A bandage on his knee.

4. What is Jim's "medicine song"?
(a) The twenty-third Psalm.
(b) The Lord's Prayer.
(c) The National Anthem.
(d) A song his Indian mother taught him.

5. How does Jim make sure Daniel is getting enough food?
(a) He doesn't eat at all.
(b) He eats only every other day.
(c) He kills one of the cattle.
(d) He only eats a little at each meal, allowing Daniel to have most of the food.

Short Answer Questions

1. What could one reasonably argue that Jim's braids symbolize?

2. Which one of these is a disturbing memory that Jim has about the Indians?

3. Why does the group go ahead and cross the river even though the weather is bad?

4. What offer does Meek make?

5. What is the name of Jim's dog?

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