Daily Lessons for Teaching Moccasin Trail

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 4)


"Mocassin Trail" includes several historical topics that students may already have knowledge about, such as Indian tribes and the Western Frontier. This lesson prepares students to read "Moccasin Trail" by activating prior knowledge about the topics in the novel.


Prep-Write on the board "Time frame: 1800-1850". Display the following list under this heading: 1. Indian tribes in Western United States; 2. Wagon trains; 3. Mountain men; 4. Farming; 5. The Western Frontier; and 6. Attitudes of whites and Indians towards each other.

1) Journal Writing: Have students choose one topic on the board and write what they think they already know about the topic. Stress that they don't necessarily have to have all the "right" answers, just that they need to show what they believe they currently know about the topic. Have them try to answer what, where, who, why and how questions about the topic they choose.

2) Class Discussion: Lead a...

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