Moccasin Trail Fun Activities

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Decorate the room

Before starting the "Moccasin Trail" unit, decorate your classroom with wilderness and/or frontier pictures, western and Indian decorations. Invite students to bring pictures or decorations from home such as pottery, wagon wheels or other items they believe would add to the atmosphere.

Choose an Indian name

Jim's Native American name is Talks Alone. Discuss why this might have been his name. Present a list of other Native American names such as Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and First to Dance, and discuss what these names imply about the people who possess them. Invite the students to tell the meanings of their own names, then have them come up with a Native American name for themselves and tell why they chose that name.

Wagon Train Advertisement

Have students design an ad inviting families and adventurers to join a wagon train headed to the Willamette Valley. Ads...

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