Moccasin Trail Character Descriptions

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Jim Keath

This character was attacked by a bear, then nursed back to health by Indians.

Jonnie Keath

This character is seventeen years old, too young to claim land.

Daniel Keath

This eleven-year-old character wants to be just like the protagonist.

Sally Keath

This character is fifteen, and is a very protective older sibling.

Tom Rivers

This character traps animals in the mountains for a living, and is a friend of the protagonist.

Mr. Rutledge

This character is married and has children, and reads a letter for the protagonist.

Adam Russell

The protagonist ran away from home with this character.

Sam Mullins

This character is a settler who visits the protagonist's family one afternoon.

Joe Meek

This character is the sheriff of the territory.

Mrs. Keath

This character died on the way to Willamette Valley.

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