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Chapters 1 through 4

• Jim Keath and Tom Rivers, both trappers, are camped in the mountains above Powder River as the story opens.

• Tom plans to go to California the next day. Jim, who isn't planning to go with Tom, considers what he will do next.

• As Jim is checking his traps, he remembers when a grizzly bear attacked him when he was a boy.
• Jim had managed to kill the grizzly, and Indians found him and took him in after the attack.

• Jim lived with the Indians till he was sixteen, assimilating into their culture.

• When Jim saw an Indian with a blond scalp, he became angry and left the tribe, stealing a horse in the process.

• Two years have past since Jim left the tribe.
• Two Indians come to Tom and Jim's camp with a letter they say is for Jim

• Jim is unable to read, and Tom...

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