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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Queequeg counting when Ishmael returns to the inn?
(a) Pages of a book
(b) Money
(c) His rosary beads
(d) His tattoos

2. What is Ishmael's objection to artist renditions of the whale?
(a) they are painted out of the water.
(b) they are pictured in false colors.
(c) they are too realistic.
(d) they are imaginary and not true to life.

3. How do Ishmael and Queequeg transport their baggage to the boat bound for Nantucket?
(a) in a wheelbarrow.
(b) on their backs.
(c) on a hay cart.
(d) in a taxi.

4. What does Queequg's signature look like?
(a) One of his tattoos
(b) A snake
(c) The Russian alphabet
(d) The letter F

5. Where does the captain lock Steelkilt and his followers?
(a) In the scuttle
(b) In a storage box
(c) In his cabin
(d) In the hold

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the captain of the ship?

2. What does Ishmael say the sea is covered with in this chapter?

3. What did Ahab try to kill Moby Dick with?

4. What is the name of Bildad's sister?

5. What does Tashtego see on the horizon?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Ishmael think are the new sailors?

2. Why does Ahab transfer onto the Samuel Enderby to hear its captain's story?

3. What is the amusing account of Queequeg and the wheelbarrow?

4. How does Stub convince the Rose-bud not to go after the whales?

5. What does Ahab think about when he sees the carpenter in this chapter turning the coffin into a life buoy?

6. Summarize the novel.

7. What ironic thought does Ahab have while looking at Queequeg's coffin?

8. Why does Ahab order a basket to take him to the top of one of the masts?

9. What does Ahab do to disturb the crew during the night?

10. What is happening to Queequeg's coffin?

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