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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ishmael decide to do about Queequeg?
(a) to become his friend.
(b) to keep his pistol loaded.
(c) to ask for another room.
(d) to convert him to Christianity.

2. What type of whale is Moby Dick, the whale they are searching for?
(a) a folio whale.
(b) an octavo whale.
(c) a Greenland whale.
(d) a duodecimo whale.

3. What characteristics does Ishmael assign to Starbuck, the chief mate?
(a) common sense and intelligence.
(b) ignorance and brashness.
(c) impetuousness and anger.
(d) elegance and sophistication.

4. What is the speculation about Ahab's knowledge of the stowaways?
(a) that he is playing a game with them.
(b) that he will have them thrown overboard.
(c) that he is aware of them.
(d) that he knows why they are there.

5. What happens to the two men who turn on Steelkilt and come out of the locked scuttle?
(a) they are hanged.
(b) they are flogged.
(c) they receive pardons.
(d) they walk the plank.

Short Answer Questions

1. What purpose does the mad Elijah serve in the story?

2. What is Starbuck's disagreement with Ahab's purpose for the trip?

3. What apology does Ishmael make about whalers?

4. What accommodation is available for Ishmael at the inn in New Bedford?

5. What is Ahab aware of while he stands on the deck of the Pequod?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Queequeg determine which of them will select the whaling ship they take for their whaling adventure?

2. Explain the function of the "monkey" on board a whaling ship.

3. Describe the behavior of the mates dining in the captain's cabin as they torment the cook who serves their meal.

4. What is the function of Charity, Bildad's sister, in the preparations for the Pequod's journey?

5. Explain the startling thing that Ishmael learns about his friend, Queequeg.

6. How does Ishmael happen to share a bed with a tattooed headhunter?

7. Why is the story of Radney and Steelkilt important to the story?

8. What does Ahab want from the first whaling ship they meet in the ocean?

9. What does Ahab do to disturb the crew during the night?

10. What behavior of whales works to the advantage of whaling ships looking for them?

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