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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what complaint does Ahab admit?
(a) mental instability at times.
(b) phantom pain from his missing leg.
(c) the fear of losing both legs.
(d) never being able to sleep.

2. What does Ahab contemplate concerning the man who carves his peg leg and builds coffins?
(a) the versatility of sailors.
(b) the idea of life and death.
(c) the unimportance of carpenters on a ship.
(d) the time they have been away from Nantucket.

3. Ironically, what is hanging from the taffrail of the Pequod?
(a) a harpoon.
(b) a life buoy.
(c) an American flag.
(d) a coffin.

4. Why does Ishmael linger on the Biblical story of Jonah?
(a) because he does not believe the Biblical account.
(b) because some crewmen doubt the story.
(c) because it explains a lot about whales.
(d) because he remembers sermons about Jonah.

5. What does Ishmael say the head of the sperm whale contains?
(a) hard bone used as a battering ram.
(b) soft tissue that contains no oil.
(c) the largest and the most pure quantity of sperm whale oil.
(d) a gigantic brain.

6. What does Fedallah's dream depict about hearses?
(a) Ahab will see one not made with human hands.
(b) Ahab will be saved by a hearse.
(c) Ahab will never ride in a hearse.
(d) Ahab will ride in a wooden hearse.

7. What does Pip do when a whale is harpooned?
(a) he starts to cry.
(b) he hides in the bottom of the boat.
(c) he jumps into the ocean.
(d) he hits the whale with his oar.

8. What does Ishmael conclude about whales' olfactory and vocal systems?
(a) they can neither smell nor communicate.
(b) they cannot smell but they communicate with each other.
(c) they use smell to find food and sing to tell other whales.
(d) they have a keen sense of smell for communication.

9. What makes Starbuck come and talk to Ahab.
(a) he witnesses the unexpected show of emotion by Ahab.
(b) he decides to try one more time to change Ahab.
(c) he regrets his desire to kill Ahab.
(d) he takes advantage of the beautiful morning.

10. What does Fedallah say is the advantage of having the Right Whale on the other side of the ship?
(a) to appease the sea gods.
(b) to draw the sharks away from the sperm whale.
(c) to attract other whales to the area.
(d) to keep the ship from capsizing.

11. Why is the captain of The Rachel appealing for help from the Pequod?
(a) his ship is taking on water from Moby Dick's damage.
(b) he wants two ships to surround Moby Dick.
(c) one of his crewmen has fallen overboard near Moby Dick.
(d) his 12-year-old son is on the boat hauled away by Moby Dick.

12. What does Ishmael recount about the Samuel Enderby that occurs many years later?
(a) he meets a sailor who remembers Captain Ahab.
(b) he learns how the Samuel Enderby ran aground.
(c) he hears that Moby Dick sank the ship.
(d) he has a fine social evening on board the ship.

13. Why does Ahab order a basket to take him to the top of one of the masts?
(a) he wants Moby Dick to spot him easily.
(b) he wants to be the first one to see the huge whale.
(c) he doubts if the crew would tell him if they spotted Moby Dick.
(d) he hopes Moby Dick can smell him and attack the ship.

14. What happens on the third day after spotting Moby Dick?
(a) Ahab falls into the ocean but gets back in the boat.
(b) Ahab harpoons the whale.
(c) Ahab misses with his harpoon.
(d) Moby Dick swims to the other side of the Pequod.

15. What had one of the boats from The Rachel accomplished?
(a) they harpooned Moby Dick.
(b) they escaped Moby Dick.
(c) they spied Moby Dick.
(d) they got all around Moby Dick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reaction do both Ahab and Starbuck have to the Spanish doubloon still nailed to the mast?

2. How does Ahab react to the intrusion by Starbuck?

3. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?

4. What happens to the harpoon especially made for Moby Dick?

5. What does Stubb get from the dead whale?

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