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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the dream predict can kill Ahab?
(a) oil.
(b) fire.
(c) hemp.
(d) an iron harpoon.

2. How does Stubb convince the French ship to leave?
(a) by telling them where to find live whales.
(b) by showing them the Pequod's mark on the whale.
(c) by letting them smell the rotting flesh of the whale.
(d) by convincing them the dead whale will make them sick.

3. What does Ahab order the ship's blacksmith to do?
(a) reinforce the sides of the Pequod.
(b) forge an iron harpoon only for Moby Dick.
(c) make a cast iron coffin for him if Moby Dick is not found.
(d) make more lances to use on Moby Dick.

4. What is the carpenter ordered to do with Queequeg's coffin?
(a) use it to patch up Ahab's boat.
(b) dismantle it for fire wood.
(c) turn it into a life buoy.
(d) turn it into an oil cask.

5. What had one of the boats from The Rachel accomplished?
(a) they escaped Moby Dick.
(b) they got all around Moby Dick.
(c) they harpooned Moby Dick.
(d) they spied Moby Dick.

6. How does Ahab die?
(a) the harpoon rope wraps around his neck pulling him into the sea.
(b) Ahab has a heart attack and falls into the ocean.
(c) Moby Dick pushes the Pequod over on top of Ahab's boat.
(d) Moby Dick jumps on top of the boat and drowns Ahab.

7. What has the need for revenge done to Ahab's heart?
(a) it has doubled over the missing boy.
(b) it has turned cold and unfeeling.
(c) it has softened because of tragedy.
(d) it has weakened after three years at sea.

8. What does Fedallah say is the advantage of having the Right Whale on the other side of the ship?
(a) to draw the sharks away from the sperm whale.
(b) to appease the sea gods.
(c) to attract other whales to the area.
(d) to keep the ship from capsizing.

9. What is Ahab thinking about as he looks out to sea?
(a) the fall in Nantucket.
(b) whether whales have families.
(c) home, family, and growing older.
(d) vacationing in Italy.

10. What is the change in Stubb?
(a) he becomes a cheerleader for the crew.
(b) he no longer jokes and laughs.
(c) he walks with a faster pace.
(d) he becomes more of a clown.

11. What does the captain of a German whaling ship want from the Pequod?
(a) lamp oil.
(b) sailcloth.
(c) directions.
(d) coffee.

12. What does Queequeg see in the Spanish doubloon?
(a) something to decorate his pipe.
(b) a pair of gold earrings.
(c) the price of a bride.
(d) nothing of any value.

13. What is the irony of the coffin?
(a) a thing of death is an omen for the future.
(b) a thing of death is a visual reminder of Moby Dick.
(c) a thing of death is being turned into a thing of life.
(d) a thing of death is so beautifully carved.

14. To what does Ishmael attribute the Sag Harbor man's disbelief in the story of Jonah?
(a) his personal experience inside a whale.
(b) his custom of arguing with everyone.
(c) his listening to too many doubters.
(d) his minute education and inability to reason.

15. What does Ahab discover the next morning after the storm?
(a) the ship is going in the wrong direction.
(b) the crew are all asleep after fighting the storm.
(c) the ship is dead in the water.
(d) the ship has come aground.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reaction do both Ahab and Starbuck have to the Spanish doubloon still nailed to the mast?

2. What happens on the third day after spotting Moby Dick?

3. What is the news from The Rachel as it nears the Pequod?

4. What odd behavior on the part of Ahab occurs over the apparatus used for determining latitude?

5. Why is the captain of The Rachel appealing for help from the Pequod?

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