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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pip join on one of the whaling boats?
(a) because he angered Captain ahab.
(b) because he begs to go along.
(c) because he was sleeping in the boat.
(d) because one of the crew is injured.

2. What does Stubb get from the dead whale?
(a) the skull and teeth.
(b) the bones in the mouth.
(c) the tail fins.
(d) a substance known as Ambergis.

3. What foreshadows what is likely to happen to Ahab and Fedallah?
(a) a story Fedallah tells while on Ahab's boat.
(b) a dream Ahab has while waiting out the night.
(c) a story Ahab remembers about Moby Dick.
(d) a dream Fedallah has while on Ahab's boat.

4. What does Flask see as he examines the doubloon?
(a) the plan he has for getting it for himself.
(b) the way it shines in the sunlight.
(c) the number of cigars it will buy.
(d) the astrological meaning of the engraving on the coin.

5. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?
(a) a ceremony performed for Neptune.
(b) a ceremony performed to attract whales.
(c) a ceremony of initiation of new sailors.
(d) a ceremony performed for good luck.

6. What does Ishmael say the head of a sperm whale resembles?
(a) a Grecian urn.
(b) a Roman chariot.
(c) the toe of a boot.
(d) a boulder.

7. What does Ishmael conclude about whales' olfactory and vocal systems?
(a) they cannot smell but they communicate with each other.
(b) they can neither smell nor communicate.
(c) they use smell to find food and sing to tell other whales.
(d) they have a keen sense of smell for communication.

8. What makes Starbuck come and talk to Ahab.
(a) he decides to try one more time to change Ahab.
(b) he regrets his desire to kill Ahab.
(c) he witnesses the unexpected show of emotion by Ahab.
(d) he takes advantage of the beautiful morning.

9. What has happened to some of the crew of The Delight?
(a) Moby Dick ate one of them.
(b) they became afraid and turned the ship to run away.
(c) Moby Dick killed five of them.
(d) they mutinied against the captain.

10. What happens to the harpoon especially made for Moby Dick?
(a) it catches on fire in ahab's boat.
(b) it is tossed overboard during the storm.
(c) it is lost when Ahab's boat breaks apart.
(d) it smashes into the captain's cabin.

11. Which of the characters keep watch on both the crew and the ocean?
(a) Starbuck and Stubb.
(b) Ahab and Fedallah.
(c) Pip and Starbuck.
(d) Ishmael and Queequeg.

12. What occurs on the Pequod that sends Starbuck to see the captain?
(a) someone is stealing from the crew's lockers.
(b) there is a leak in one of the casks of whale oil.
(c) Moby Dick is sighted off the starboard side.
(d) the rum ration has run out.

13. While Starbuck is talking, what is Ahab thinking?
(a) why Starbuck talks so much.
(b) where they will find Moby Dick.
(c) what his family is doing back home.
(d) why he must kill Moby Dick.

14. How does Ishmael become the only survivor of the wreck of the Pequod?
(a) he manages to swim toward The Delight.
(b) he is carried on the back of Moby Dick to near The Rachel.
(c) the coffin turned life buoy saves his life.
(d) he manages to get back into the only boat not destroyed.

15. How does Ahab become more irritated as the Pequod sails in the Pacific Ocean?
(a) he knows Moby Dick is swimming in the same ocean.
(b) he thinks Moby Dick has returned to the Indian ocean.
(c) he believes the crew are not watchful enough.
(d) he begins having strange dreams about Moby Dick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ahab and the captain of the Samuel Enderby have in common?

2. What further detailed information does Ishmael record about the whale?

3. What happens to the mast of the Pequod during a typhoon?

4. Where is the large hunting ground where the Pequod finds itself in the middle of a pod of sperm whales?

5. What does Ahab discover the next morning after the storm?

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