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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pip join on one of the whaling boats?
(a) because he was sleeping in the boat.
(b) because one of the crew is injured.
(c) because he begs to go along.
(d) because he angered Captain ahab.

2. What further detailed information does Ishmael record about the whale?
(a) he talks about the breeding grounds of whales.
(b) he discusses the measurement of the whale.
(c) he details migratory habits of whales.
(d) he discusses the birth process of whales.

3. What happens to Queequeg while he helps locate the oil leak?
(a) he gets into a fight with Tashtego.
(b) he falls into a cask of sperm whale oil.
(c) he becomes ill and almost dies.
(d) he slips on the oil and cracks open his head.

4. What does Fedallah's dream depict about hearses?
(a) Ahab will never ride in a hearse.
(b) Ahab will ride in a wooden hearse.
(c) Ahab will see one not made with human hands.
(d) Ahab will be saved by a hearse.

5. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?
(a) a ceremony performed to attract whales.
(b) a ceremony performed for good luck.
(c) a ceremony performed for Neptune.
(d) a ceremony of initiation of new sailors.

6. What happens to Ahab's hat as he perches atop the mast?
(a) it becomes misshapen in the mist.
(b) he throwns it in the ocean as bait.
(c) it blows off and falls into the ocean.
(d) a sea hawk steals it.

7. What does Fedallah say about his own death?
(a) he will die on land.
(b) he will die before Ahab.
(c) he will die of old age.
(d) he will die of fright.

8. Ironically, what is hanging from the taffrail of the Pequod?
(a) a harpoon.
(b) a life buoy.
(c) a coffin.
(d) an American flag.

9. How is Ahab's mental condition best described by this point?
(a) finally sane.
(b) truly morbid.
(c) much more optimistic.
(d) cheerful with expectation.

10. What is Ahab thinking about as he looks out to sea?
(a) home, family, and growing older.
(b) vacationing in Italy.
(c) whether whales have families.
(d) the fall in Nantucket.

11. To what complaint does Ahab admit?
(a) mental instability at times.
(b) the fear of losing both legs.
(c) phantom pain from his missing leg.
(d) never being able to sleep.

12. What does Ishmael recount about the Samuel Enderby that occurs many years later?
(a) he has a fine social evening on board the ship.
(b) he learns how the Samuel Enderby ran aground.
(c) he meets a sailor who remembers Captain Ahab.
(d) he hears that Moby Dick sank the ship.

13. How does Ishmael become the only survivor of the wreck of the Pequod?
(a) he manages to get back into the only boat not destroyed.
(b) he manages to swim toward The Delight.
(c) the coffin turned life buoy saves his life.
(d) he is carried on the back of Moby Dick to near The Rachel.

14. What is the carpenter ordered to do with Queequeg's coffin?
(a) use it to patch up Ahab's boat.
(b) dismantle it for fire wood.
(c) turn it into a life buoy.
(d) turn it into an oil cask.

15. What is the news from The Rachel as it nears the Pequod?
(a) Moby dick has been killed.
(b) they are overloaded with oil.
(c) they are fleeing pirates.
(d) they have seen Moby Dick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Flask see as he examines the doubloon?

2. What has the need for revenge done to Ahab's heart?

3. What is the first thing Moby Dick does when he is spotted?

4. Where is Ahab on the morning of a clear day as they continue the search for Moby Dick?

5. What does the captain of a German whaling ship want from the Pequod?

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