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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Ishmael attribute the Sag Harbor man's disbelief in the story of Jonah?
(a) his minute education and inability to reason.
(b) his custom of arguing with everyone.
(c) his personal experience inside a whale.
(d) his listening to too many doubters.

2. What makes Starbuck come and talk to Ahab.
(a) he decides to try one more time to change Ahab.
(b) he regrets his desire to kill Ahab.
(c) he takes advantage of the beautiful morning.
(d) he witnesses the unexpected show of emotion by Ahab.

3. What had one of the boats from The Rachel accomplished?
(a) they escaped Moby Dick.
(b) they harpooned Moby Dick.
(c) they got all around Moby Dick.
(d) they spied Moby Dick.

4. What does Moby Dick do as he spots Ahab?
(a) he blows and disappears again.
(b) he seems to smile at ahab.
(c) he takes a bite out of the boat Ahab is on.
(d) he tries to capsize Ahab's boat.

5. What makes Ahab return quickly to the Pequod from the Samuel Enderby?
(a) he learns the direction Moby Dick is traveling.
(b) he wants to beat the other captain to Moby Dick.
(c) he begins to feel ill.
(d) he has a fight with the other captain.

6. What happens to the harpoon especially made for Moby Dick?
(a) it smashes into the captain's cabin.
(b) it is tossed overboard during the storm.
(c) it catches on fire in ahab's boat.
(d) it is lost when Ahab's boat breaks apart.

7. What does Ahab do in an excited state after visiting the Samuel Enderby?
(a) goes to his cabin to sulk.
(b) dances a jig on the Pequod.
(c) passes out rum to the crew.
(d) twists and damages his ivory peg leg.

8. What does Ishmael say about why some captured whales float while others tend to sink?
(a) some whales take in more air.
(b) some whales have more solid bones.
(c) the reason is unknown.
(d) the reason has to do with size.

9. When Pip is finally rescued after jumping the second time from the boat, what is his condition?
(a) he has lost all his clothes.
(b) his skin and hair has turned white.
(c) he has lost the ability to speak.
(d) he has gone insane.

10. What does Fedallah say is the advantage of having the Right Whale on the other side of the ship?
(a) to attract other whales to the area.
(b) to keep the ship from capsizing.
(c) to draw the sharks away from the sperm whale.
(d) to appease the sea gods.

11. How does Stubb convince the French ship to leave?
(a) by showing them the Pequod's mark on the whale.
(b) by telling them where to find live whales.
(c) by convincing them the dead whale will make them sick.
(d) by letting them smell the rotting flesh of the whale.

12. Why does Ahab's boat stay in the ocean and not return after they catch four whales?
(a) the whale is too large for one boat to haul.
(b) the whale near Ahab is too far to reach the ship by nightfall.
(c) Ahab is too tired to return that evening.
(d) the ship cannot handle more than three whales at a time.

13. What does Fedallah say about his own death?
(a) he will die of old age.
(b) he will die of fright.
(c) he will die before Ahab.
(d) he will die on land.

14. What does Queequeg see in the Spanish doubloon?
(a) the price of a bride.
(b) something to decorate his pipe.
(c) a pair of gold earrings.
(d) nothing of any value.

15. What has happened to some of the crew of The Delight?
(a) Moby Dick killed five of them.
(b) they became afraid and turned the ship to run away.
(c) Moby Dick ate one of them.
(d) they mutinied against the captain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the news from The Rachel as it nears the Pequod?

2. What is the mood on the Pequod?

3. What happens on the third day after spotting Moby Dick?

4. What does Ahab order the Pequod to do in violation of maritime tradition?

5. What happens to Queequeg while he helps locate the oil leak?

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