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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the captain of a German whaling ship want from the Pequod?
(a) lamp oil.
(b) directions.
(c) coffee.
(d) sailcloth.

2. How does Stubb regain a dead whale from a French whaling boat?
(a) by playing poker.
(b) by stealing the dead whale at night.
(c) by using humor and intelligence.
(d) by threatening to blow up their boat.

3. What does Ishmael believe about the survival of whales as a species?
(a) that they will never become extinct.
(b) that they will evolve into smaller creatures.
(c) that they will overpopulate the oceans and seas.
(d) that they will be killed off.

4. What further detailed information does Ishmael record about the whale?
(a) he talks about the breeding grounds of whales.
(b) he discusses the birth process of whales.
(c) he discusses the measurement of the whale.
(d) he details migratory habits of whales.

5. While Starbuck is talking, what is Ahab thinking?
(a) why Starbuck talks so much.
(b) where they will find Moby Dick.
(c) what his family is doing back home.
(d) why he must kill Moby Dick.

6. Why does the crew on the ship see Stubb's and Flask's boats coming fast toward them?
(a) they are being chased by pirates.
(b) they are caught in a rip tide.
(c) they are running from Moby Dick.
(d) they are being pulled by a harpooned whale.

7. What is Captain Ahab doing as the Pequod sails away from The Delight?
(a) shaking.
(b) laughing.
(c) praying.
(d) crying.

8. How does Ahab become more irritated as the Pequod sails in the Pacific Ocean?
(a) he knows Moby Dick is swimming in the same ocean.
(b) he thinks Moby Dick has returned to the Indian ocean.
(c) he begins having strange dreams about Moby Dick.
(d) he believes the crew are not watchful enough.

9. Why does Ahab's boat stay in the ocean and not return after they catch four whales?
(a) the ship cannot handle more than three whales at a time.
(b) the whale near Ahab is too far to reach the ship by nightfall.
(c) Ahab is too tired to return that evening.
(d) the whale is too large for one boat to haul.

10. What is the next whaling ship the Pequod meets during the search for Moby Dick?
(a) The Bounty.
(b) The Nantucket.
(c) The Barbara Ellen.
(d) The Delight.

11. What has happened to some of the crew of The Delight?
(a) Moby Dick ate one of them.
(b) Moby Dick killed five of them.
(c) they mutinied against the captain.
(d) they became afraid and turned the ship to run away.

12. What is the mood on the Pequod?
(a) grim and somber.
(b) light and cheerful.
(c) high with anticipation.
(d) excited and tense.

13. What does Ahab contemplate concerning the man who carves his peg leg and builds coffins?
(a) the time they have been away from Nantucket.
(b) the versatility of sailors.
(c) the unimportance of carpenters on a ship.
(d) the idea of life and death.

14. What does the dream predict can kill Ahab?
(a) fire.
(b) oil.
(c) hemp.
(d) an iron harpoon.

15. Given the irony of the coffin turned life buoy, what is the feeling of foreshadowing?
(a) that the White Whale will never be found.
(b) that there will be death and only one survivor.
(c) that Ahab will die before Moby Dick is spotted.
(d) that death is just a part of life.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ishmael classify the oiling of the bottom of a boat?

2. What odd behavior on the part of Ahab occurs over the apparatus used for determining latitude?

3. What does Starbuck contemplate when he finds Ahab asleep?

4. What does Ahab finally admit?

5. What makes Ahab return quickly to the Pequod from the Samuel Enderby?

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