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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the characters keep watch on both the crew and the ocean?
(a) Ahab and Fedallah.
(b) Pip and Starbuck.
(c) Ishmael and Queequeg.
(d) Starbuck and Stubb.

2. What does Moby Dick do as he spots Ahab?
(a) he blows and disappears again.
(b) he takes a bite out of the boat Ahab is on.
(c) he seems to smile at ahab.
(d) he tries to capsize Ahab's boat.

3. What is the second objection the Sag Harbor man has for the veracity of the story of Jonah?
(a) the whale would bite and not swallow whole.
(b) the gastric juices of the whale would have killed Jonah.
(c) the throat of the whale could not swallow a man.
(d) there is no oxygen inside a whale's stomach.

4. What is Ahab thinking about as he looks out to sea?
(a) vacationing in Italy.
(b) home, family, and growing older.
(c) whether whales have families.
(d) the fall in Nantucket.

5. Why does Ahab's boat stay in the ocean and not return after they catch four whales?
(a) Ahab is too tired to return that evening.
(b) the ship cannot handle more than three whales at a time.
(c) the whale near Ahab is too far to reach the ship by nightfall.
(d) the whale is too large for one boat to haul.

6. How does Ahab become more irritated as the Pequod sails in the Pacific Ocean?
(a) he knows Moby Dick is swimming in the same ocean.
(b) he thinks Moby Dick has returned to the Indian ocean.
(c) he begins having strange dreams about Moby Dick.
(d) he believes the crew are not watchful enough.

7. When Pip is finally rescued after jumping the second time from the boat, what is his condition?
(a) he has gone insane.
(b) he has lost all his clothes.
(c) he has lost the ability to speak.
(d) his skin and hair has turned white.

8. What does Fedallah say is the advantage of having the Right Whale on the other side of the ship?
(a) to appease the sea gods.
(b) to attract other whales to the area.
(c) to draw the sharks away from the sperm whale.
(d) to keep the ship from capsizing.

9. What further detailed information does Ishmael record about the whale?
(a) he talks about the breeding grounds of whales.
(b) he discusses the birth process of whales.
(c) he discusses the measurement of the whale.
(d) he details migratory habits of whales.

10. What does Flask see as he examines the doubloon?
(a) the plan he has for getting it for himself.
(b) the way it shines in the sunlight.
(c) the number of cigars it will buy.
(d) the astrological meaning of the engraving on the coin.

11. What does Ishmael recount about the Samuel Enderby that occurs many years later?
(a) he meets a sailor who remembers Captain Ahab.
(b) he hears that Moby Dick sank the ship.
(c) he has a fine social evening on board the ship.
(d) he learns how the Samuel Enderby ran aground.

12. While Starbuck is talking, what is Ahab thinking?
(a) what his family is doing back home.
(b) why he must kill Moby Dick.
(c) why Starbuck talks so much.
(d) where they will find Moby Dick.

13. What is the irony of the coffin?
(a) a thing of death is a visual reminder of Moby Dick.
(b) a thing of death is so beautifully carved.
(c) a thing of death is an omen for the future.
(d) a thing of death is being turned into a thing of life.

14. What is the first thing Moby Dick does when he is spotted?
(a) he swims toward the Pequod.
(b) he swims away fast on the surface.
(c) he sounds and disappears under the sea.
(d) he flukes and dives deep.

15. Why is the captain of The Rachel appealing for help from the Pequod?
(a) one of his crewmen has fallen overboard near Moby Dick.
(b) he wants two ships to surround Moby Dick.
(c) his 12-year-old son is on the boat hauled away by Moby Dick.
(d) his ship is taking on water from Moby Dick's damage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Queequeg see in the Spanish doubloon?

2. How does Stubb regain a dead whale from a French whaling boat?

3. What is the change in Stubb?

4. What does Ishmael say about why some captured whales float while others tend to sink?

5. What does Fedallah say about his own death?

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