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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ahab insist that the captain of the Jeroboam come aboard the Pequod?
(a) to get news of Moby Dick.
(b) to have him check the Pequod's charts.
(c) to have dinner with him.
(d) to give him medical supplies.

2. What is the name of the inn where Ishmael stays while waiting to go to Nantucket?
(a) the Spouter Inn.
(b) the Humpback Inn.
(c) the Whale Bone Inn.
(d) the Peter Coffin Inn.

3. What insane crew member of the Jeroboam claims to be the Angel Gabriel?
(a) another man named Starbuck.
(b) a defrocked priest.
(c) a savage from the islands.
(d) a prophet of the Neskyeuna Shakers.

4. Who are Peleg and Bildad?
(a) part owners of the Pequod.
(b) builders of the Pequod.
(c) crewmen on the Pequod.
(d) outfitters of the Pequod.

5. What is the man called who stands on deck and holds the rope that secures Queequeg?
(a) the cowboy.
(b) the monkey.
(c) the anchor.
(d) the door post.

6. How does Queequeg distinguish himself on the trip to Nantucket?
(a) by winning an arm wrestling match.
(b) by catching a large fish for dinner.
(c) by climbing to the top of the mast.
(d) by saving a man who fell overboard.

7. Why does the captain of a whale ship the Pequod meets at sea not want to board the Pequod?
(a) he is jealous of the Pequod's catch.
(b) he does not like Ahab.
(c) his crew is ill.
(d) he never leaves his own ship.

8. To what does Ishmael compare the weaving of a mat?
(a) life.
(b) complications.
(c) whaling.
(d) map making.

9. What type of whale are the men of the Pequod looking for?
(a) the sperm whale.
(b) the duodecimo whale.
(c) the octavo whale.
(d) the albino whale.

10. What happens to Radney during a whale chase?
(a) he is murdered by Steelkilt.
(b) he is promoted to harpooner.
(c) he is thrown overboard.
(d) he is eaten by the whale.

11. What does Stubb instruct Daggoo to do for him?
(a) cut a steak from the tail of the whale.
(b) cut out a tooth from the whale.
(c) carve his name on the whale's back.
(d) take over securing the whale to the ship.

12. What equipment does Ishmael discuss including their descriptions and uses?
(a) ropes.
(b) sails.
(c) oars.
(d) harpoons.

13. After the first whaling experience, what does Ishmael decide to do?
(a) lead a mutiny.
(b) make out his will.
(c) pray every day more urgently.
(d) resign and jump ship.

14. What is Queequeg's amusing story about the ship captain attending a wedding in his father's court?
(a) he tried to kiss the bride.
(b) he wore a grass skirt.
(c) he used the punch bowl as a finger bowl.
(d) he danced on the table.

15. How does Stubb handle the strange situation?
(a) by writing in a diary.
(b) with a great deal of tension.
(c) with his sense of humor.
(d) by not thinking about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the conversation like at breakfast in the Spouter Inn?

2. How does Ishmael describe the possibility of mutiny on a whale ship?

3. What does Ishmael decide to do about Queequeg?

4. What has Ahab's vengeance done to him?

5. What is the major problem while the whale is tied to the side of the ship?

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