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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stubb instruct Daggoo to do for him?
(a) carve his name on the whale's back.
(b) cut a steak from the tail of the whale.
(c) cut out a tooth from the whale.
(d) take over securing the whale to the ship.

2. To what does Ishmael compare the weaving of a mat?
(a) complications.
(b) whaling.
(c) map making.
(d) life.

3. What startles the crew as they prepare to go after a whale?
(a) a hole in the bottom of each whale boat.
(b) five men they had not seen before.
(c) whales completely surrounding the ship.
(d) Captain Ahab without his ivory peg leg.

4. Who are Peleg and Bildad?
(a) part owners of the Pequod.
(b) crewmen on the Pequod.
(c) builders of the Pequod.
(d) outfitters of the Pequod.

5. At the Try Pots Inn in Nantucket, what is the staple menu?
(a) fish and chips.
(b) bacon and eggs.
(c) clam and cod chowder.
(d) ham and gravy.

6. Days into the journey, what makes Ishmael uneasy?
(a) He has not yet seen the captain.
(b) He never sees Queequeg again.
(c) He has started to have seasickness.
(d) He decides he has made a mistake.

7. What is the name of Queequeg's small, carved idol?
(a) Jojo.
(b) Mojo.
(c) Sojo.
(d) Yojo.

8. What is Queequeg's duty while the blubber is stripped from the back of the whale?
(a) he carves the teeth from the whale.
(b) he carries equipment to the other crew members.
(c) he descends to hold it secure.
(d) he takes the watch for more whales.

9. What does Queequeg use to reach his food?
(a) a long stick.
(b) a small lasso.
(c) his long arms.
(d) his harpoon.

10. What happens to Radney during a whale chase?
(a) he is promoted to harpooner.
(b) he is eaten by the whale.
(c) he is murdered by Steelkilt.
(d) he is thrown overboard.

11. What accommodation is available for Ishmael at the inn in New Bedford?
(a) a bench in the dining room.
(b) a bunk in a communal room.
(c) a shared room with a harpooner.
(d) a closet.

12. Who pilots the Pequod out of the Nantucket harbor?
(a) Peleg.
(b) Ahab.
(c) Bildad.
(d) Starbuck.

13. When the whale is harpooned, what action do the harpooner and the chief mate take?
(a) they manhandle the harpoon line.
(b) they switch places from front to back.
(c) they join the rowers.
(d) they switch from harpoons to lances.

14. What is Starbuck's disagreement with Ahab's purpose for the trip?
(a) the futility of vengeance against a whale.
(b) the missed opportunities to capture other whales.
(c) the moral correctness of finding the white whale.
(d) the need to get oil and return to Nantucket quickly.

15. What happens to the two men who turn on Steelkilt and come out of the locked scuttle?
(a) they receive pardons.
(b) they are flogged.
(c) they are hanged.
(d) they walk the plank.

Short Answer Questions

1. What equipment left on board by Aunt Charity does Stubb throw overboard?

2. What does Ahab question the men about?

3. What is the harpooner, Queequeg, out doing when Ishmael is shown to his room?

4. How does Queequeg manage to sign on with the Pequod after first being turned down?

5. How do Ishmael and Queequeg transport their baggage to the boat bound for Nantucket?

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