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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 133.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ishmael ultimately describe the whale?
(a) a spouting fish with a horizontal tail.
(b) an elephant of the ocean.
(c) a lumbering fish with a verticle tail.
(d) an elongated fish with big eyes.

2. From what does the Pequod escape at sea?
(a) an ocean whirlpool.
(b) Malay pirates.
(c) a giant squid.
(d) Japanese gun boats.

3. Where is the large hunting ground where the Pequod finds itself in the middle of a pod of sperm whales?
(a) near Japan.
(b) near Jakarta.
(c) near Capetown.
(d) near Nantucket.

4. What do Ahab and the captain of the Samuel Enderby have in common?
(a) they are both looking for revenge against Moby Dick.
(b) they are both looking for information about Moby Dick.
(c) they both lost a limb to Moby Dick.
(d) they are both insane.

5. What white sea creature does the crew see?
(a) A white whale
(b) A great squid
(c) An octopus
(d) A jelly fish

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can one of the whales not be brought immediately back to the ship?

2. What does Ishmael say whale ship crew members often do with the bones of whales?

3. What is Ishmael's objection to artist renditions of the whale?

4. Who caused the captain's arm to be amputated?

5. What does a whale breathe from?

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