Moby-Dick Character Descriptions

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The main character of the novel and narrator of the story.


The cannibal harpooner with whom Ishmael shares a bed at the Spouter Inn in New Bedford.

Captain Peleg

One of the owners of the Pequod who is responsible for getting the ship ready for its three-year voyage. He stays in a tepee on deck of the Pequod during the preparations.

Captain Bildad

The second of the owners of the Pequod, he is a strict and stern Quaker.


A strange prophet-like man who Ishmael and Queequeg happen to meet before they leave on their whaling voyage.

Captain Ahab

The acting captain of the Pequod during its three-year voyage who is driven by hatred for the white whale.


The chief mate of the Pequod, he is a courageous man, but not one to take unnecessary risks.


The Pequod's second mate is a joyful, happy-go-lucky...

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