Moby-Dick Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-2 | Chapters 3-4

• Ishmael desires a new adventure and decides to join a whaling expedition.

• Ishmael travels to New Bedford to await a ship bound for Nantucket.

• Ishmael has to share a room with a head hunting savage named Queequeg.

• Queequeg is represented as having strange dressing and shaving habits.

Chapters 5-6 | Chapters 7-9

• As an observer of human nature, Ishmael notes the behavior of whalers at breakfast.

• Queequeg becomes less strange to Ishmael as he observes the variety of sailors in New Bedford.

• Adhering to custom, Ishmael attends a religious service at the whaleman's chapel.

• Father Maple chooses the story of Jonah to deliver his homily in the chapel.

Chapters 10-12 | Chapters 13-14

• Queequeg decides he and Ishmael are brothers and he shares all he has with Ishmael.

• Queequeg relates his history and his reason for coming to America.

• Cultural differences are explored in another of...

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