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Chapters 1-2 | Chapters 3-4

• Ishmael desires a new adventure and decides to join a whaling expedition.

• Ishmael travels to New Bedford to await a ship bound for Nantucket.

• Ishmael has to share a room with a head hunting savage named Queequeg.

• Queequeg is represented as having strange dressing and shaving habits.

• Ishmael has come to the point in his life where he desires something different from his life and decides to join a whaling ship.

• Ishmael is waylaid in New Bedford looking for inexpensive lodgings until he can board a ship bound for Nantucket.

• At the Spouter Inn, Ishmael is told there are no empty rooms. If he wishes to stay, he must share a bed with a harpooner.

• Startled at finding a strange man in his bed, the harpooner swings his tomahawk and threatens to kill Ishmael. Ishmael calls for the landlord who quickly clears up the...

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