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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Lancelet finally confess his love of Gwenhwyfar?
(a) Morgaine
(b) Gwenhwyfar
(c) Arthur
(d) Viviane

2. Who tells Morgaine that her work is not yet finished and it will be a long time before Morgaine can return to Avalon permanently?
(a) Niniane
(b) Raven
(c) Elaine
(d) Viviane

3. What does Arthur bear that allows Avalon to still stand behind him?
(a) Excalibur
(b) A pagan son
(c) The heart of a lion
(d) The banner of the Pendragon

4. Where does Gwenhwyfar ask Lancelet to bring her?
(a) To the convent in Glastonbury
(b) To Caerleon
(c) To Camelot
(d) To Avalon

5. After Accolon and Arthur fight, who is left dead at the end?
(a) Neither
(b) Arthur
(c) Both
(d) Accolon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes away Exacalibur and replaces it with a fake?

2. What does Morgaine want to do after being in the presence of Accolon and the midsummer's rituals?

3. Who challenges Arthur for the throne, as the prophecy foretold?

4. Who does Arthur name as an heir to the throne?

5. What does Morgaine discover, even though she is advanced in years?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the plan for Avalloch's death?

2. Gwydion tells Morgaine that he likes to see who his competition is - competition for what?

3. Who does Morgaine pursue after mistakenly agreeing to marry King Uriens?

4. What happens as Nimue tries to seduce Kevin?

5. What does Morgaine do when Accolon and Uwaine arrive for a visit?

6. Why was Gwenhwyfar unable to carry a child to term?

7. What is Morgaine's plan to take back Excalibur?

8. Who do Arthur and Gwenhwyfar begin to trust as they stay at the deserted Camelot?

9. Who rapes Gwenhwyfar in hopes of getting another heir to the throne?

10. Why is Gwenhwyfar jealous at the next year's Pentecost?

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