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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lets Igraine know that she can expect a visit from her sister?
(a) A bird
(b) A messenger
(c) The scrying waters
(d) The Sight

2. Where is Arthur's court now located, after having been moved on Pentecost?
(a) Wales
(b) Avalon
(c) Londinium
(d) Camelot

3. Who is given the task of making the magical scabbard?
(a) Viviane
(b) Morgaine
(c) Raven
(d) Morgause

4. What is the name of the magical tool Viviane has made for Arthur?
(a) Dorian
(b) Oridium
(c) Exclaibur
(d) Shalama

5. What does Gwenhwyfar create for Arthur to carry into battle?
(a) A flower
(b) A charm
(c) A new banner
(d) A new sword

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Viviane decide to make in order to keep Arthur safe in battle?

2. Who does Viviane suggest is behind the brushes of death that Arthur has had?

3. Who appears before Morgaine, just as she was about to give up hope?

4. Where can Morgaine find the herbs she needs to abort the child, though she might be noticed?

5. Who comes to give Gwenhwyfar more protection as she travels?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Arthur carry into battle that ensures his wounds do not bleed heavily?

2. When Arthur suggests that Morgaine get married to Lancelet, who protests this idea?

3. Why is Gorlois so enraged with Igraine?

4. Before Kevin and Morgaine go to Camelot, what happens?

5. Who sits on the garden wall, terrified to be outside?

6. Who lets Viviane know that Uther Pendragon is dying from a fatal wound in battle?

7. Who does Viviane guess is behind the many close calls Arthur has been having?

8. What does Uther stare at that beckons Igraine and he to meet again and again?

9. After a vision from the Sight, from whom does Igraine expect a visit?

10. To where does Arthur order all the women and children be sent to as the battles are increasing?

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