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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Lancelet kill before grabbing Gwenhwyfar and galloping away with her?
(a) Gareth
(b) Gawain
(c) Utrucon
(d) Gwydion

2. Who wants to rule in King Loedengranz's stead, as he is dead?
(a) Gwydion
(b) Mordred
(c) Gareth
(d) Maleagrant

3. What does Morgaine entreat Arthur to do with Excalibur?
(a) Use it to kill Christians
(b) Offer it back to the Holy Regalia
(c) Give it to her
(d) Hide it away

4. Who tells Morgaine that she was wrong to condemn Arthur about Excalibur?
(a) Kevin
(b) Gwenhwyfar
(c) Viviane
(d) Lancelet

5. Who is the laughing stock of the realm?
(a) Uwaine
(b) Arthur
(c) Gawain
(d) Lancelet

6. Who does Arthur name as an heir to the throne?
(a) Gwydion
(b) Gawain
(c) Gareth
(d) Uwaine

7. What does Gwenhwyfar do when Lancelet says he will go on the quest too?
(a) Kills herself
(b) Runs away
(c) Pledges her love for him
(d) Tells Arthur to stop him

8. How is Avalloch going to die?
(a) In a boar attack
(b) From a poison
(c) In his sleep
(d) From a plague

9. Who does Morgaine meet with that makes her miss mass?
(a) Accolon
(b) Lancelet
(c) Arthur
(d) Uriens

10. Who takes away Exacalibur and replaces it with a fake?
(a) Kevin
(b) The fairy people
(c) Viviane
(d) Morgaine

11. Who arrives a few days before Pentecost with the news of Galahad's death?
(a) Gwydion
(b) Gareth
(c) Lancelet
(d) Arthur

12. Who does Lancelet marry?
(a) Elaine
(b) Gwenhwyfar
(c) Viviane
(d) Morgaine

13. What does Kevin urge Morgaine to do?
(a) Go to the fairy country
(b) Kill Arthur
(c) Make love to him
(d) Return to Avalon

14. Where does Morgaine go in order to begin to create a plan to take away Excalibur?
(a) Caerleon
(b) Lothian
(c) Tintagel
(d) Camelot

15. Who is asked to create a charm that will cause Lancelet to fall in love with the answer to #103?
(a) Viviane
(b) Morgause
(c) Raven
(d) Morgaine

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Morgaine that her work is not yet finished and it will be a long time before Morgaine can return to Avalon permanently?

2. Who tries to warm Gwenhwyfar about Maleagrant, wanting to go with her for protection when the two are to meet?

3. Who renounces Avalon publicly?

4. What will Gwydion be schooled in Avalon as?

5. Whose Sight is so strong that Viviane insists she take him back to Avalon to train?

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