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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Lancelet think Nimue was?
(a) At a school
(b) With the Saxons
(c) At a nunnery
(d) At the court

2. Who does King Uriens ask Arthur to make a knight of the Round Table?
(a) Gawain
(b) Lorian
(c) Gareth
(d) Uwaine

3. Who takes away Exacalibur and replaces it with a fake?
(a) Viviane
(b) Kevin
(c) Morgaine
(d) The fairy people

4. Who kills Maleagrant to protect Gwenhwyfar?
(a) Arthur
(b) Viviane
(c) Morgaine
(d) Lancelet

5. Where does Morgaine lead Arthur?
(a) To the lake
(b) The fairy world
(c) Into the Saxons' land
(d) Into Avalon

6. Who did Kevin see fighting alongside the Saxons?
(a) Morgaine
(b) Arthur
(c) Gwydion
(d) Gareth

7. What does Kevin urge Morgaine to do?
(a) Make love to him
(b) Go to the fairy country
(c) Return to Avalon
(d) Kill Arthur

8. Who wants to challenge Lancelet in a fight?
(a) Gwydion
(b) Accolon
(c) Arthur
(d) Morgaine

9. Who does Arthur name as an heir to the throne?
(a) Gareth
(b) Uwaine
(c) Gwydion
(d) Gawain

10. Who is Gwydion's foster mother?
(a) Morgaine
(b) Elaine
(c) Niniane
(d) Morgause

11. How is Avalloch going to die?
(a) From a poison
(b) In his sleep
(c) From a plague
(d) In a boar attack

12. What does Gwenhwyfar do when Lancelet says he will go on the quest too?
(a) Runs away
(b) Kills herself
(c) Pledges her love for him
(d) Tells Arthur to stop him

13. Who receives Exclaibur and gets the sword belted around his waist?
(a) Accolon
(b) Uriens
(c) Gareth
(d) Gwydion

14. Who tricks Morgause into throwing a feast?
(a) The Merlin
(b) Morgaine
(c) Gwydion
(d) Viviane

15. Who does Lancelet marry?
(a) Morgaine
(b) Viviane
(c) Gwenhwyfar
(d) Elaine

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the knights pledge to seek for Arthur?

2. What kills Galahad?

3. What does Arthur bear that allows Avalon to still stand behind him?

4. Who is the laughing stock of the realm?

5. Who surprises Morgaine in the halls when she tries to return to her chambers?

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