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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is responsible for arousing a memory of her years in Avalon, according to Morgaine?
(a) Accolon
(b) Viviane
(c) Arthur
(d) Uriens

2. Whose Sight is so strong that Viviane insists she take him back to Avalon to train?
(a) Gwydion
(b) Morgain
(c) Kevin
(d) Raven

3. Who surprises Morgaine in the halls when she tries to return to her chambers?
(a) Kevin
(b) Uwaine
(c) Avalloch
(d) Uriens

4. Who renounces Avalon publicly?
(a) Arthur
(b) Uriens
(c) Gwydion
(d) Accolon

5. Who tries to warm Gwenhwyfar about Maleagrant, wanting to go with her for protection when the two are to meet?
(a) Morgaine
(b) Elaine
(c) Viviane
(d) Raven

6. Who does Viviane think resembles Lancelet?
(a) Kevin
(b) Arthur
(c) Gwydion
(d) Gareth

7. When Gwydion and other Companions slip into Gwenhwyfar's chambers as she is waiting for Lancelet, what do they threaten to take them to Arthur and try them as?
(a) Pagans
(b) Spies
(c) Traitors
(d) Criminals

8. Where does Morgaine go in order to begin to create a plan to take away Excalibur?
(a) Camelot
(b) Caerleon
(c) Tintagel
(d) Lothian

9. Where does Morgaine go to visit Elaine and her children?
(a) Cornwall
(b) Pellinore's castle
(c) Caerleon
(d) Camelot

10. To where does Morgause insist on traveling?
(a) Camelot
(b) Cornwall
(c) Avalon
(d) The fairy country

11. What does Morgaine entreat Arthur to do with Excalibur?
(a) Hide it away
(b) Offer it back to the Holy Regalia
(c) Use it to kill Christians
(d) Give it to her

12. The Goddess says that who should be killed swiftly and not tortured?
(a) Lancelet
(b) Gwydion
(c) Kevin
(d) Arthur

13. Who begins to use dark magic?
(a) Morgaine
(b) Nimue
(c) Niniane
(d) Morgause

14. Why is Gwenhwyfar jealous of Elaine?
(a) Elaine is respected in the court
(b) She is more beautiful
(c) She is more successful
(d) She has given Lancelet children

15. Lancelet knights Gwydion with the name ________.
(a) Uther
(b) Mordred
(c) Maranth
(d) Lancelot

Short Answer Questions

1. Who kills Maleagrant to protect Gwenhwyfar?

2. What does Morgaine make for Elaine?

3. Who is no match for Gwydion, in terms of wits?

4. Who does Lancelet kill before grabbing Gwenhwyfar and galloping away with her?

5. What will Gwydion be schooled in Avalon as?

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