The Mists of Avalon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. After a vision from the Sight, from whom does Igraine expect a visit?

Igraine expects a visit from Viviane, her sister. Viviane and Merlin come to visit Igraine together to tell her she is to deliver a son.

2. What does Uther stare at that beckons Igraine and he to meet again and again?

Uther can not take his eyes off a moonstone that Viviane has sent Igraine from Avalon.

3. Why is Gorlois so enraged with Igraine?

Gorlois thinks that Igraine and Uther are having an affair behind his back, but he is wrong in this assumption.

4. Who fills the captive Igraine in on the matters of the world when she is taken back to Tintagel by Gorlois?

Morgause helps to tell Igraine what is happening outside the castle walls.

5. What does Igraine do that causes her to become quite ill?

Igraine uses the Sight to appear to Uther to warn him of the attack from Gorlois and his men.

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