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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The High Queen, Chapter 4 | The High Queen, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who notices immediately that Morgaine is pregnant?
(a) Igraine
(b) Morgause
(c) Arthur
(d) Viviane

2. With whom does Morgaine take mind-altering substances?
(a) Raven
(b) Viviane
(c) Nimue
(d) Igraine

3. Who is the Horned One?
(a) Gorlois
(b) Uther
(c) The Merlin
(d) Arthur

4. Who is Viviane's son, also known as Galahad?
(a) Lancelet
(b) Gareth
(c) Arthur
(d) Uther

5. To whom does Arthur bow during his crowning ceremony - Bishop of Glastonbury and/or the Merlin of Avalon?
(a) Both
(b) The Bishop
(c) Neither
(d) The Merlin

Short Answer Questions

1. Who pays a surprise visit to Viviane in Avalon?

2. What does Viviane do that impresses Morgaine?

3. What is Morgaine in training to become?

4. Who helps to settle down Gwenhwyfar as she is traveling?

5. What is Lancelet's and Morgaine's familial relationship?

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