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Mistress of Magic, Chapter 1 | Mistress of Magic, Chapter 2 | Mistress of Magic, Chapter 3

• With the help of the Sight, Igraine expects a visit from her sister Viviane.

• A brief history of Igraine's life follows as she waits for Viviane.

• VIviane and Merlin arrive and tell Igraine she is to deliver a son who will save the old religion.

• The son must be from another father, not Gorlois as he is Christian.

• Igraine feels like a pawn in some sort of game.

• Igraine wants to live in the Holy Isle as a priestess, but is reminded that this is not her destiny.

• Avalon will be closed to Igraine forever.

• Viviane can not take on the task as she is too old to bear children.

• Igraine travels to Londinium with Gorlois.

• Igraine sees an omen of Gorlois' death.

• Since Ambrosius' death is soon, Gorlois and king of Britain are gathering to...

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