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Thomas Heggen
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roberts do to the Captain's palm tree before throwing it overboard?
(a) Urinates on it.
(b) Lights it on fire.
(c) Rips all the branches off.
(d) Salutes it.

2. During the fight between the sailors and soldiers, what happens to the young women attending the dance?
(a) They break up the fight and everything returns to normal.
(b) They are not affected at all and keep dancing.
(c) They are injured or frightened away.
(d) They join in the fight themselves.

3. Why is the goat brought on board the ship by one of the sailors?
(a) To be dinner.
(b) To be a gift to the Captain.
(c) To be the ship's mascot.
(d) To make Doc mad.

4. According to the Patrol Officer, why do the sailors break into the house on the island.?
(a) Someone lies to them and says it is a brothel.
(b) They hate the person living in that house.
(c) That is where all the soldiers are hiding from them.
(d) They are so drunk that they cannot remember.

5. Where is Act 2, Scene 2 set?
(a) The Captain's quarters.
(b) The ship's upperdeck.
(c) The sick bay.
(d) Roberts' sleeping quarters.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the fight on the island, what happens to the sailors and the ship?

2. According to Dolan, the communication he receives asking men to apply for a transfer also asks them to have how many years experience?

3. From what branch of the military is the Colonel who sponsors the dance?

4. What does the inscription on the medal say?

5. What has Dolan already done for Roberts after receiving the communication requesting men to transfer to combat?

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