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Thomas Heggen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Dolan already done for Roberts after receiving the communication requesting men to transfer to combat?
(a) He has already talked to the Admiral for Roberts.
(b) He has already typed up the transfer request.
(c) He has already talked to the Captain for Roberts.
(d) He has already sent in the transfer request.

2. What does Roberts ask Doc to do because he really wants to be off the ship?
(a) He asks Doc to talk with the Captain for him.
(b) He asks Doc to request a medical transfer for him.
(c) He asks Doc to help him sneak off the ship.
(d) He asks Doc to report him.

3. At the beginning of Act 2, Scene 3, where does the reader learn Roberts has been spending all his time?
(a) His bedroom.
(b) The sick bay.
(c) The eagles nest.
(d) The radio shack.

4. What does Roberts tell Pulver as he exits the ship?
(a) That it is Pulver's time to shine.
(b) That Pulver has disappointed him.
(c) That he still expects that prank from Pulver.
(d) That he is counting on Pulver.

5. Why is the goat brought on board the ship by one of the sailors?
(a) To be the ship's mascot.
(b) To make Doc mad.
(c) To be dinner.
(d) To be a gift to the Captain.

6. How does Roberts respond to the news that the war in Europe is over?
(a) He runs out of the room in tears.
(b) He is so happy that he jumps up and down
(c) He rejoices.
(d) He sadly says he will be out of the fight.

7. Who is in the stateroom with Roberts as he is packing to leave the cargo ship?
(a) Dolan.
(b) Dowdy and Pulver.
(c) Pulver and Doc.
(d) Doc and Dolan.

8. What does the Captain say when Roberts goes to stand with the men?
(a) The Captain tells Roberts to stand with him.
(b) The Captain tells Roberts to move faster into line.
(c) The Captain asks Roberts to leave his sight.
(d) The Captain says all the men are worthless.

9. Who comes to the ship looking for the goat brought onto the ship by Dolan?
(a) The Military police.
(b) Doc.
(c) The Colonel.
(d) The Patrolman.

10. When pressured to sign the transfer request, what does Roberts do?
(a) He asks for time to consider it.
(b) He confesses he already has submitted one.
(c) He refuses.
(d) He complies.

11. How does Roberts respond when the Doc accuses him of thinking that the crew owes him something?
(a) He says they do owe him.
(b) He says the Doc is right.
(c) He says nothing and walks away.
(d) He says that is not how he feels.

12. From what unusual item does the crew pour alcohol when they drink a toast to Roberts?
(a) A mop bucket.
(b) A fire extinguisher.
(c) A shoe.
(d) An oil can.

13. On what piece of equipment is an unconscious sailor found?
(a) The watchtower.
(b) The anchor.
(c) The wheel.
(d) A cargo net.

14. Why are so many of the men complaining about Roberts?
(a) Because he has put Dolan on report.
(b) Because he wants to transfer and leave them all.
(c) Because he clearly likes Doc the best.
(d) Because he does not sit with them at dinner.

15. What does Roberts suggest Pulver get so that he can speak with Doc alone?
(a) A biscut and tea.
(b) A pen and paper.
(c) A cup of coffee.
(d) The news on the war front.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Patrol Officer, why do the sailors break into the house on the island.?

2. Which one of the announcements comes over the loud speaker at the start of Act 2, Scene 5?

3. Where is Act 2, Scene 2 set?

4. Which sailor does the Captain say does not have the guts to destroy the palm tree?

5. What does the inscription on the medal say?

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