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Thomas Heggen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Pulver, Doc, and Roberts making with Coca Cola, medication, alcohol, and iodine?
(a) Something that tastes like scotch.
(b) Something that will work like lighter fluid.
(c) A cleaner for the floors.
(d) Perfume.

2. How does Doc describe the desire to fight?
(a) It is a reflex.
(b) It is a stupid decision.
(c) It is a passion.
(d) It is a life's calling.

3. What order does the captain shout to the men about their shirts?
(a) Shirts are to be worn on deck.
(b) Only black shirts should be worn.
(c) No shirt should have long sleeves.
(d) All shirts should have pockets.

4. What does Roberts do to Pulver in jest when the Captain leaves the deck?
(a) Roberts gives Pulver a noogie.
(b) Roberts calls Pulver "Captain."
(c) Roberts calls Pulver a suck-up.
(d) Roberts salutes Pulver.

5. For what does Roberts ask the Port Director?
(a) A job with the port authority.
(b) A recommendation to his captain.
(c) A longer vacation for himself.
(d) Liberty for the men.

6. Where does Pulver hide the letter Dolan has typed for Roberts?
(a) In his closet
(b) Under his bed.
(c) In his shoes.
(d) Under a blanket.

7. Why do the sailors want to go to an island near their ship?
(a) They are sea sick.
(b) To be placed on a new ship.
(c) For liberty.
(d) For more supplies.

8. What warning phrase do the sailors shout when spying on the women showering?
(a) Ahoy.
(b) S.O.S.
(c) May day.
(d) Flash Red.

9. What is the first question Roberts' asks Pulver when he gets back to their room?
(a) Whether Dolan has brought his letter.
(b) Where the Captain is.
(c) What Pulver is doing in his locker.
(d) Why it is so hot in the room.

10. What sort of punishment does the Captain says Roberts deserves as they argue about liberty for the men?
(a) A Court Marshal.
(b) A demotion.
(c) A lashing.
(d) A few nights in the brig.

11. Why has the Captain not issued the orders for the men to go ashore even though they are ready for their liberty?
(a) He is waiting to receive his commands.
(b) He is eating lunch.
(c) He is sleeping.
(d) He is punishing them.

12. At the beginning of the play, with which shipmate is Roberts talking?
(a) Matthews.
(b) Doc.
(c) Mannion.
(d) Jacoby.

13. Why does Miss Girard ask Pulver to call a boat?
(a) She needs to get back to the hospital.
(b) She dislikes how rowdy the sailors are.
(c) She finds Pulver boring.
(d) She has begun to feel sea sick.

14. Who is the only sailor that appears calm in preparation for the liberty?
(a) Pulver.
(b) Stefanowski.
(c) Dowdy.
(d) Mannion.

15. When Miss Girard talks about her nickname, how does Pulver respond?
(a) He gets very embarrassed.
(b) He tells her a story about his nickname.
(c) He tells her he does not know about what she is talking.
(d) He tells her she is being inappropriate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Captain tell Roberts not to release any of the fresh fruit while they are unloading cargo?

2. Who reveals to Roberts that the Captain has received his transfer request letter?

3. How does Roberts seem to view the cargo ship's role in the war compared with a battleship's role in the war?

4. What paper is Roberts holding in his hand when he runs into the doctor early in Act 1, Scene 1?

5. What does Roberts pick up at the end of Act 1, Scene 4?

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