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Thomas Heggen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What order does the captain shout to the men about their shirts?
(a) No shirt should have long sleeves.
(b) Only black shirts should be worn.
(c) All shirts should have pockets.
(d) Shirts are to be worn on deck.

2. Who tells the sailors that it is time to start their daily work?
(a) Pulver.
(b) Dowdy.
(c) Roberts.
(d) Doc.

3. Why is the Captain so angry with Roberts when he comes out on deck during the supply transfer?
(a) Because he has just received Roberts' letter.
(b) Because Roberts disobeyed his orders about the fruit.
(c) Because the men do not have their shirts on.
(d) All answers are correct

4. What request does the Captain ask of Roberts regarding their conversation about the men's liberty?
(a) Tell the men about it when they return from liberty.
(b) Keep it secret.
(c) Write a letter about it to the Commander.
(d) Make sure it is recorded as proof of Roberts dissension.

5. What do the sailors notice is being built on a nearby island?
(a) An airport.
(b) A hotel.
(c) Hospitals.
(d) Schools.

6. What position does Roberts truly hold on the ship?
(a) Cook.
(b) First mate.
(c) Executive officer.
(d) Laundry officer.

7. What reasons does the Captain give for canceling liberty for the men?
(a) They have been called to join the battle.
(b) Their bad attitudes.
(c) Security concerns.
(d) The anchor is broken and they cannot stop.

8. What do the sailors do when they hear that their liberty is not canceled after all?
(a) They give three cheers.
(b) They boo the Captain.
(c) They sing.
(d) They shout angrily.

9. When will Roberts finally respect Pulver?
(a) When he goes through with a prank and confesses to it.
(b) When he gets onto a real battleship.
(c) When he can beat up Roberts.
(d) When he treats ladies with respect.

10. According to the Captain, Pulver is the only officer who does what to the Captain?
(a) Disrespects.
(b) Smiles.
(c) Salutes.
(d) Jokes around with him.

11. What is the first question Roberts' asks Pulver when he gets back to their room?
(a) What Pulver is doing in his locker.
(b) Whether Dolan has brought his letter.
(c) Where the Captain is.
(d) Why it is so hot in the room.

12. Why does the Captain tell Roberts not to release any of the fresh fruit while they are unloading cargo?
(a) He has to make sure they are properly recorded first.
(b) He wants it for himself.
(c) He is saving it for a friend.
(d) The fruit is making other sailors ill.

13. What does the Captain assume about Pulver since he never sees Pulver around?
(a) That Pulver is always a step ahead.
(b) That Pulver is always busy doing his job.
(c) That Pulver is lazy.
(d) Tha Pulver is sneaking off the ship.

14. What does Doc think about the cargo ship?
(a) That is smells like fish and sweat.
(b) That is performs a necessary job in the war.
(c) That it is pointless in comparison with other ships.
(d) That is it like being on a cruise ship.

15. What does Roberts do to Pulver in jest when the Captain leaves the deck?
(a) Roberts calls Pulver a suck-up.
(b) Roberts salutes Pulver.
(c) Roberts calls Pulver "Captain."
(d) Roberts gives Pulver a noogie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What position on the ship does Pulver hold?

2. Why does Roberts shut off the radio?

3. What does Dolan say about Roberts' letter?

4. For what is Pulver looking in Roberts' locker?

5. What are Pulver, Doc, and Roberts making with Coca Cola, medication, alcohol, and iodine?

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