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Thomas Heggen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During which war is this play set?
(a) Korean War.
(b) World War II.
(c) World War I.
(d) Vietnam War.

2. What sort of punishment does the Captain says Roberts deserves as they argue about liberty for the men?
(a) A demotion.
(b) A lashing.
(c) A Court Marshal.
(d) A few nights in the brig.

3. What does the Captain reference when talking about his success with Roberts?
(a) The Palm Tree.
(b) The Commodore.
(c) The ship.
(d) His Medals of Honor.

4. Why does Roberts shut off the radio?
(a) Only songs in foreign languages are playing.
(b) The reports about the war action make him angry.
(c) There is too much static to hear the reports.
(d) He decides to try and take a nap.

5. Why does Miss Girard ask Pulver to call a boat?
(a) She has begun to feel sea sick.
(b) She dislikes how rowdy the sailors are.
(c) She needs to get back to the hospital.
(d) She finds Pulver boring.

6. At the beginning of the play, with which shipmate is Roberts talking?
(a) Mannion.
(b) Matthews.
(c) Jacoby.
(d) Doc.

7. What does Miss Girard catch the sailors on the ship doing?
(a) Stealing food from the kitchen.
(b) Making inappropriate comments about her.
(c) Spying on the nurses as they shower.
(d) Making fun of Pulver.

8. According to the Captain, Pulver is the only officer who does what to the Captain?
(a) Salutes.
(b) Disrespects.
(c) Smiles.
(d) Jokes around with him.

9. When Miss Girard talks about her nickname, how does Pulver respond?
(a) He gets very embarrassed.
(b) He tells her she is being inappropriate.
(c) He tells her he does not know about what she is talking.
(d) He tells her a story about his nickname.

10. What does the Captain see when he gets on deck that he considers to be insubordination by the crew?
(a) The men with their shirts off.
(b) The men talking about how much they wish they were off the ship.
(c) Roberts and the men making fun of the Captain.
(d) The men joking around and not working.

11. What does Roberts pick up at the end of Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) A mop and pail.
(b) His next request for transfer.
(c) The spyglass.
(d) His bottle of scotch.

12. What position on the ship does Pulver hold?
(a) Captain.
(b) Ensign.
(c) First Mate.
(d) Engineer.

13. Who tells the sailors that it is time to start their daily work?
(a) Doc.
(b) Pulver.
(c) Roberts.
(d) Dowdy.

14. Who is the only sailor that appears calm in preparation for the liberty?
(a) Mannion.
(b) Dowdy.
(c) Pulver.
(d) Stefanowski.

15. About what does Miss Girard say the nurses have been talking?
(a) Coming out to visit the ship.
(b) How much they love cocktails.
(c) How handsome Pulver is.
(d) Putting up curtains.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pulver say he is going to put under the Captain's bed?

2. Because it is so hot, what happens while the sailors are unloading cargo?

3. What does the Captain say Roberts' letters will do for his reputation?

4. What order does the Captain give Roberts regarding his letter writing?

5. How long does the officer picking up supplies say it has been since his ship has had fresh fruit?

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