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Thomas Heggen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not something the sailors do as they prepare for their liberty?
(a) Shave.
(b) Shine their shoes.
(c) Write a letter to their mother.
(d) Comb their hair.

2. What position does Roberts truly hold on the ship?
(a) Executive officer.
(b) Cook.
(c) First mate.
(d) Laundry officer.

3. How does Roberts seem to view the cargo ship's role in the war compared with a battleship's role in the war?
(a) He believes that both ships are inferior to the role of airplanes.
(b) He sees the battleship's role as less important.
(c) He sees the cargo ship's role as being inferior.
(d) He thinks that they are equally important.

4. After finishing his notice about liberty being canceled, at what does the Captain glance?
(a) A mirror.
(b) His trophy.
(c) A picture of himself.
(d) His watch.

5. Who is the only sailor that appears calm in preparation for the liberty?
(a) Dowdy.
(b) Stefanowski.
(c) Pulver.
(d) Mannion.

6. At what port are the sailors going to have liberty?
(a) Jordan.
(b) Elysium.
(c) Blue Bay.
(d) Rio Pico.

7. Why is the Captain so angry with Roberts when he comes out on deck during the supply transfer?
(a) Because he has just received Roberts' letter.
(b) All answers are correct
(c) Because Roberts disobeyed his orders about the fruit.
(d) Because the men do not have their shirts on.

8. Who tells the sailors that it is time to start their daily work?
(a) Dowdy.
(b) Doc.
(c) Roberts.
(d) Pulver.

9. How much money is bet by the sailors that Miss Girard is the nurse with the birthmark on her bottom?
(a) $50.
(b) $10.
(c) $100.
(d) $70.

10. What position does Roberts tell Miss Girard he holds on the ship?
(a) Cook.
(b) Laundry officer.
(c) Executive officer
(d) Doctor.

11. What lies about the ship does Pulver tell Miss Girard?
(a) That he is the favorite sailor on the ship.
(b) That the ship is named the U.S.S. Lincoln.
(c) That the ship has been many battles.
(d) That he is the captain of the ship.

12. Who reveals to Roberts that the Captain has received his transfer request letter?
(a) Pulver.
(b) The Messenger.
(c) Dolan.
(d) Doc.

13. What are Pulver, Doc, and Roberts making with Coca Cola, medication, alcohol, and iodine?
(a) Something that tastes like scotch.
(b) A cleaner for the floors.
(c) Something that will work like lighter fluid.
(d) Perfume.

14. What does Roberts tell Doc he spots while on watch the previous night?
(a) Storm clouds fast approaching.
(b) An unlucky omen.
(c) A fire on a nearby ship.
(d) A formation of battleships in the distance.

15. How does the Captain punish Roberts when he becomes angry at Roberts for disobeying him?
(a) He is confined to his quarters.
(b) He is placed in solitary confinement.
(c) He has to swab the entire deck.
(d) He cannot go to the island any more.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Roberts respond when the messenger tells him the Captain would like to see him?

2. Who lies about seeing women in the spyglass?

3. What does Doc think about the cargo ship?

4. Who says that Roberts' is stupid for "chasing death?"

5. Why does the Captain tell Roberts not to release any of the fresh fruit while they are unloading cargo?

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