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Thomas Heggen
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roberts say in response to receiving this medal from the men?
(a) That they are the best bunch of sailors ever.
(b) That he does not deserve it.
(c) That they are a thoughtful bunch.
(d) That he is glad to go.

2. According to the Captain, what "pre-voked" him about the men getting liberty?
(a) That it was arranged by Roberts and the Port Director.
(b) That it is not at the port he requested.
(c) That the men have only one week of liberty.
(d) That liberty means the men will get lazy.

3. How does Roberts seem to view the cargo ship's role in the war compared with a battleship's role in the war?
(a) He sees the cargo ship's role as being inferior.
(b) He believes that both ships are inferior to the role of airplanes.
(c) He thinks that they are equally important.
(d) He sees the battleship's role as less important.

4. Who reveals to Roberts that the Captain has received his transfer request letter?
(a) The Messenger.
(b) Doc.
(c) Pulver.
(d) Dolan.

5. When Miss Girard talks about her nickname, how does Pulver respond?
(a) He gets very embarrassed.
(b) He tells her a story about his nickname.
(c) He tells her she is being inappropriate.
(d) He tells her he does not know about what she is talking.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Doc describe the desire to fight?

2. At the beginning of Act 2, Scene 3, where does the reader learn Roberts has been spending all his time?

3. How many groups of injured soldiers have been returned to the cargo ship?

4. What does Dowdy say to Pulver about the orders he has issued the men?

5. With the letter about Roberts' death in hand, the Doc heads to the Captain and asks him what question?

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