Daily Lessons for Teaching Mister Roberts

Thomas Heggen
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Objective: The objective of this daily lesson is to realize the importance of setting in a play. The setting can include the time, location, circumstance, etc., that act as the backdrop of the story.

1) Small groups: Ask the students to break into small groups and review Act 1, Scene 1. Ask the groups to focus specifically on the idea of setting, discussing what they think it is and how it is used in Act 1, Scene 1.

2) In-class discussion: Review in class some of the things the students have discussed in their small groups. What do they say setting is? What examples of setting have they cited? Define setting for the students as the backdrop of the story. Make sure to explain that it can be more than just a physical location or time in history, but also a circumstance, a situation, or a culture.

3) Project: Touch on how there are...

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