Mister Roberts Character Descriptions

Thomas Heggen
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The Captain - This person is a petty tyrant who insists on imposing strict regulations. This character suffers from class envy and aspires to be a commander.

Doc - This character is between thirty-five and forty years old and possesses a wry sense of humor. The character does not really believe in the idea of heroism, but says it is merely a reflex that occurs in a dangerous situation.

Dolan - This young, garrulous, brash character is well informed about Navy regulations. During liberty on Elysium, this character gets drunk and brings a goat back.

Dowdy - This person is hard-bitten and is between thirty-five and forty years old. This person has some authority over the men, and assigns their tasks.

Gerhart - This individual is a quiet person. This character acts as part of a deputation appealing to take another character off report.

Lieutenant Ann...

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