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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the peasants doing as they approach the kitchen?

2. How does Jean manipulate Julie and Christine in the play?

3. Whose money paid for the new house?

4. When Julie enters the kitchen in Scene 1, what does she immediately do?

5. Which of the following animals does Miss Julie call Jean?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does this scene show that both Julie and Jean struggle with?

2. Why does Julie claim that a servant is just a servant when regarding Christine? What does this reveal about Julie?

3. What might Christine be thinking about Jean in Pantomime?

4. How does Jean visualize their separate roles at the hotel?

5. What reason does Julie give Jean about why she became engaged to the lieutenant governor and her feelings toward men in general that is significant?

6. What is the dance's significance to playwrighting in general?

7. How does the play end?

8. Describe Jean's and Christine's behavior in the kitchen and what it says about their relationship.

9. What do Julie and Christine talk about when they are alone?

10. What does Christine tell Julie and Jean is her life belief?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare Jean's character to the person she is at the beginning of the play to the person she is at the end.

1. What does Julie hope to achieve at the beginning of the play?

2. What events changes Julie's ideas about life?

3. How has Julie's character changed by the end of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the degradation and submission of Julie, considering the following:

-Pretend and real.

-Jean's end game.

-The lowest point for the character is the high point of the play.

Essay Topic 3

Miss Julie is translated from Swedish into English. How much meaning can a play lose through a translation? What aspects of the play do you think would be the most difficult to express in English? How do you think a translator can overcome these difficulties?

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