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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the pantomime, how is the instrument being played?
(a) Evenly.
(b) Loudly.
(c) Badly.
(d) Softly.

2. According to Jean, how long has he been in love with Julie?
(a) Since he was a child.
(b) Since the first day he saw her.
(c) Since their dance at Midsummer Eve.
(d) Since her fiancé broke up with her.

3. What is Strindberg's opinion of the theater?
(a) Movies are better.
(b) They are poorly run.
(c) It's too liberal.
(d) It's too close-minded.

4. What aspect of the play does Strindberg NOT describe in detail?
(a) Makeup.
(b) Seating.
(c) Surrounding activity.
(d) Scenery.

5. When Julie enters the kitchen in Scene 1, what does she immediately do?
(a) Criticize Jean.
(b) Flirt with Jean.
(c) Criticize Christine.
(d) Praise Christine.

6. Which of the following characters is 25-years-old?
(a) Jean.
(b) Miss Julie.
(c) Christine.
(d) Klara.

7. Julie calls Jean a ______.
(a) Coward.
(b) Genius.
(c) Gentleman.
(d) Don Juan.

8. During the pantomime, what does Christine stand against a flower pot on the table?
(a) Fruit.
(b) Branches.
(c) A garland.
(d) A glass.

9. Why does Strindberg discuss his characters in the preface?
(a) To make the reader feel like an "insider".
(b) To make the play look longer.
(c) To stress their importance.
(d) To hype them up.

10. What language do Jean and Miss Julie speak together?
(a) English.
(b) German.
(c) French.
(d) Spanish.

11. What instrument is playing during the pantomime?
(a) Piano.
(b) Harp.
(c) Guitar.
(d) Violin.

12. In which of the following rooms is one of the play's minor settings?
(a) The playroom
(b) Jean's bedroom.
(c) The bathroom.
(d) The dining room.

13. What does Jean come back into the kitchen wearing?
(a) A black skirt and black hat.
(b) A black hat and a black shirt.
(c) A black jacket and a pair of black pants.
(d) A pair of black pants and a black shirt.

14. In Scene 2, why is Julie excited when she enters the kitchen?
(a) Because of her dance with Jean.
(b) Because she saw her fiancé.
(c) Because of her new dress.
(d) Because she made her curfew.

15. During the era in which Strindberg wrote, what did most playwrights focus on?
(a) Lighting.
(b) Scenery.
(c) Costume.
(d) Dialogue.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following two people do the other two characters refer to during the play?

2. What does Christine believe Jean's motive is in dancing and flirting with Julie in Scene 1?

3. What is Jean's dream?

4. Who does the Count leave Julie with as the play opens?

5. What stands on the left of the window?

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