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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dramatis Personae Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would Julie act if the situation with Christine were reversed?
(a) The same as Christine.
(b) Immaturely.
(c) Calmly.
(d) Maturely.

2. What does Jean say he has promised to Christine when Julie enters the kitchen in Scene 1?
(a) He has promised to help her in the kitchen.
(b) He has promised to accompany her to town.
(c) He has promised his hand in marriage.
(d) He has promised the next dance.

3. What was a reflection of society at the time, according to Strindberg?
(a) A need to take pleasure from someone else's pain.
(b) A need to compensate for one's privilege.
(c) A need to feel bad for the less fortunate.
(d) A need to humiliate those in power.

4. In Scene 2, what does Julie ask Jean to do with his clothes?
(a) Toss them.
(b) Change them.
(c) Donate them.
(d) Clean them.

5. Miss Julie's relationship with class, although indecisive, displays _______.
(a) Fear of failure.
(b) Close-mindedness.
(c) Forward thinking.
(d) Artistic talent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jean says the Chorus song is ______.

2. What advice does Miss Julie want Jean to give her?

3. In the first line of the chorus's song, how many ladies are there?

4. Which of the following does Jean like to smoke?

5. What is in the smaller keg the folk carry?

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