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Author's Preface

• August Strindberg (1849-1912) is regarded as one of the most influential playwrights of his day. In his preface, he advocates for naturalism in his dialogue, stage, decor, lighting, and makeup.

• Strindberg openly criticized the theater of the time for its closed mindedness in respect to allowing new topics and themes.

• Strindberg was invested in social ascent, or the limitations of class, as particularly suitable for tragedy.

• For Strindberg, Julie's loss of fortune in "Miss Julie" arouses our sympathy because we fear the same fate will befall us, which is due to our weakness.

• Strindberg explains his rationale for writing MISS JULIE. Though he knew that the play's subject matter would cause controversy, he decided he had a responsibility to write it.

• Strindberg openly criticized 19th century theatre for its refusal to confront real problems in society and MISS JULIE was a reaction against this.

• Strindberg's style...

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