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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of soda did May have in her refrigerator when Summer came to live with Ob and May?

2. In a photo that Cletus show Summer in Chapter 4, where was a baby photographed?

3. What special gift did May save for a long time to get for Ob?

4. What month is it in Chapter 2?

5. What show did Cletus, Ob, and Summer watch the first time that Cletus showed them his pictures?

Short Essay Questions

1. How often does Ob oversleep?

2. How did Ob meet Cletus?

3. What does Summer say about Cletus' hygiene?

4. What does Ob say that they will do tomorrow on the trip back?

5. How does Ob describe the way that May feels in Chapter 2?

6. Why did May think that the good Lord waited until she and Ob were old to send Summer to them?

7. In Chapter 5, how does Summer describe the three of them while Ob tries to contact May?

8. Does Summer expect May to show up in Chapter 5?

9. Why did Cletus spend Christmas with Ob and Summer instead of with his parents?

10. How does Summer feel on the morning that she oversleeps and Ob doesn't answer when she knocks on his door?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Summer believes that Ob has taken his final punch when he learns the minister is gone. Discuss how disappointment affects everyone and how Ob rebounds from his disappointment.

Essay Topic 2

Cletus wants Ob and Summer to come to a spiritualist church. Discuss spiritualist churches and why Cletus wants to go to one.

Essay Topic 3

Ob wants Cletus help him get in touch with May. Discuss what Ob wants Cletus to do, and the reasons why Cletus may or may not be able to do the job.

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