Missing May Fun Activities

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Another Rylant Book

Read another book by Cynthia Rylant. Compare and contrast it to "Missing May".

Make a Whirligig

Make a fanciful whirligig like Ob might have made.


The novel is set in Appalachia. Read about Appalachia, and prepare a written or oral report discussing the place and what it is like there.


Create a diorama of Ob and May's trailer.

Read Phyllis Whitney

Read a book by Phyllis Whitney.

Someone Dies

Compare how you felt when someone close to you died and how Summer felt when May died.

Grieving Rituals

Discuss with a group grieving rituals and some good ways to grieve.

Group Discussion

Discuss with a group whether you think May was really trying to get in touch with Ob or not.

Summer's Home

Draw a picture of Summer's home in West Virginia.


Summer discovers that Cletus is a different boy when he...

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