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Part One: Still as Night - Chapter One

• After May's funeral, Ob changed his clothes and went to sit out in an old Chevy buried in weeds in the yard.

• Summer tells how she never saw a couple that loved each other as much as Ob and May did.

• Summer's mother died when she was six.

• Summer was passed around her mother's siblings since she had no other home.

• When Uncle Ob and Aunt May visited one day and saw Summer, they knew that they had to take her home with them.

• Home for Uncle Ob and Aunt May was then and still is a rusty old trailer perched precariously on a mountain in West Virginia.

• Summer felt as though she had reached paradise in Uncle Ob and Aunt May's home.

• Inside the trailer every wall and shelf were covered with whirligigs.

• Not just ordinary whirligigs, but very...

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