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Short Answer Questions

1. With only two rounds left to play in Chapter 24, what does Ray's father offer him?

2. What activity is Concorde involved in that will make the plan in Chapter 18 work?

3. Ray learns that _________________ was in Dannie's locket.

4. Who does Concorde bring with him to Two Down's house in Chapter 19?

5. How does Ray try to convince Two Down in Chapter 17 that the plan won't work?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Thud become involved in the match between Ray, Two Down, Concorde, and Ray's father? What is the effect on Concorde?

2. Whom does Two Down see approaching in a golf cart at the end of Chapter 20, and why is he pleased?

3. After doing research at the library on his special club, the MacGregor 693, what does Ray find out?

4. What is Ray's additional bet with his father?

5. Describe what happens when Dannie arrives at The Mayflower Club with Browning.

6. Describe what Ray learns from other Numerals and from Madeline with only one round left to play in the match.

7. When Two Down tells Ray of the "double or nothing" golf match against Concorde to get himself out of trouble, Ray initially refuses to be Two Down's partner. What makes Ray change his mind?

8. How do Ray and Two Down win the first round against Concorde and Ray's father?

9. When Thud comes back with photos of Concorde's affair, what do the Chops realize about the "mistress," and what do they decide to do about the information?

10. Why does Madeline get angry and leave Madeline's apartment?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why do you think the author chose the flashback of the baby Jesus figures instead of a different prank? What is the importance of the flashback on understanding the motivation of each character to win The Bet? How does the flashback add to the reader's understanding of the characters in terms of The Bet?

Essay Topic 2

Identify the events that arise in the last scene of Chapter 24, thrusting Ray into a place of internal conflict. Explain the decision he makes and analyze the growth his decision shows has taken place in him.

Essay Topic 3

Using the theme of the book and the Epilogue as guides, make a prediction for Ray's future. How will his marriage to Dannie hold up over the years? What role will golf play in his life? What will happen with his relationship with his father? Use the text to support each prediction.

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